Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Witch Post- Manifesting

Victoria of Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds, has written a couple of posts about manifesting. She's reading a book and following the exercises presented. She's written about trying to manifest green cars and yellow butterflies. While I was driving today, I decided I wanted to try too. I immediately saw a gray-green car. Nope, I thought, should be unquestionably green. And in just a few minutes, I noticed a green car parked at my neighbor's house. Has it been there all along? Why have I not noticed before?

I rounded the next curve and suddenly there was a small, solid yellow butterfly erratically bobbing up and down over the road. "Yellow butterfly!" I screamed with delight.

In town I saw a few more almost green cars, either blue-green or gray-green. I'd think Doesn't count. And then I saw this:
Bear with me, I know it's not the greatest picture. I was looking at the little Chevy truck. It's dark green. It is plainly green, couldn't be anything other than green, and when I first looked, I thought it was black. This made me wonder how many times we fail to see what things really are. Maybe manifesting is about understanding the reality around us.

I went about my day and saw several more green cars, mostly dark green. Then I saw a shocking lime green car. Okay, the green car thing was easy for me.

I went in the bookstore to kill time before an appointment. Do you know what caught my eye? A beautiful card with a butterfly motif. The biggest butterfly was yellow. I started thumbing through craft magazines and, you guessed it, yellow butterflies on most pages.

Also at the book store, I found several books on manifestation. I found these books by chance. I didn't go looking for them, I just noticed them on the shelves as I walked by. One seemed to be mis-shelved as it was with Tarot cards. I decided I want to know how other people manifest or work in harmony with the Universe. I think knowing what you want takes you a long way in being able to get it, but maybe there are some easier ways to make this work.

On the way home, I thought since the green car thing was successful, I should try to see a green tractor. And I took a different route home, deliberately driving to a farming area where I thought surely I would see a green tractor. I didn't see tractor one. This made me wonder how much of manifesting is taking chances or creating opportunity and how much is just trusting the universe.

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