Sunday, September 8, 2013

Witch of This Place- Core Beliefs & Daily Practice

This post is in response to Aine's Sacred Ways Post. I needed a little time to organize my thoughts so I'm not responding as quickly as I would have liked.

This is a hard post to write because it is almost like trying describe how I breathe. I don't think about the process, I just breathe. And I am always breathing, whether I think about it or not. I will still breathe in my sleep. I am going to breathe as long as I live.

I'm going to be a Witch as long as I live too. I'm always going to believe in magick. Because I have spent many years learning my Craft and honing my skills, I will never unlearn it or forget it. Presenting some logical evidence that 'disproves' Witchcraft will cause me to stop being a Witch. I know what I know and I don't care what anyone else believes. That's really how magick works- we all live in our own realities that we create ourselves.

To me, being a Witch is all about learning to use the energies around us. I can glimpse the future by reading patterns of events and people around me. I can heal by studying herbs which spring from the Earth. I can make manifest physical items by having a firm knowledge of what I want.

I can help others and I can help myself. I can create the future. I can heal and protect the Earth. I can work to bring change, I can keep things from developing. I can influence people and I can remove them from my sphere of existence.

I usually work to improve my own life. I think I am in a better position to help others if I take care of myself first. I work to protect my home and I work to increase my income. I work high magick- casting circles, connecting with my landbase and ley lines, and I often do dreamwork. I work magick into mundane chores such as chanting over sewing, blessing my cooking, and banishing negativity with plain soap and water. My magick is a hidden thing and that is why if all my tools were taken away, if my books were burned, even if I was forbidden to speak, I'd still be a Witch because magick takes place in the heart, mind, and soul. We all have magick.

I believe practice makes perfect. Almost every day, I light a candle, say my prayers, and focus my mind. Going back to my breathing analogy, everyone breathes, but we can learn to breathe better. We can learn to be calm. We can take deeper breaths. We can clear the air and with every breath become happier and healthier. That's what I think sacred is, turning mundane into special.


Paulette said...

Amen to that!!

Aine O'Brien said...

Fantastic post! My practice is much like yours. I try to incorporate it into my life as well. I think there is great power in quiet regular practices.

Thank you for sharing!!