Monday, August 5, 2013

Ever Shifting, Ever Turning

Things are been gearing up for me for quite some time. I suppose it started when stuff was breaking (no, don't ask me to find the posts). Since then, lots of things are have changed. All small things, but now I am getting small changes on the verge of being big.

Will cut the grass for me this weekend. The yard looks great. I feel inspired to get outside and be a good Kitchen Witch, growing herbs and becoming one with plant life. I explained to Will about how hard it is for me to start most pull-string mowers and he is now searching for a mower with an electronic switch. Or, he may bring me a riding mower if it isn't too much trouble to repair. Either way, the burden of lawn care would be eased.

My house got a bath this weekend. Already it looks so much better and no paint has been applied. This has inspired me to move furniture around. During Halloween I start throwing things out. I try to get rid of useless and broken things. I hate clutter. I've decided to pare down my fabric stash. I have more than I am ever going to use so I might as well clear out what I don't like.

When it's just me living alone, I don't cook much. Seems like a lot of trouble for one person. I cooked two meals for Will this weekend. He was so appreciative and ate everything I set before him. Now I want to cook some more. In turn, my sugar was at more normal levels this morning because I had balanced meals with actual nutrients and I was fairly active all weekend. I've also started back doing my ab exercises. I put them off for a long time.

Work is better in surprising ways. The woman I can't stand became my team leader. Much to my shock, this isn't the nightmare I thought it would be. She is trying really hard to be fair to everyone. And she's slightly nicer to me because she realized the benefit of a person who just does her job without complaint. We still don't like each other, but now there's no need for either of us to be nasty. She moved me to a different station, so now I can't tell if someone is staring at me. Being that I am unaware of whether or not I am being watched, I can almost go through the entire shift without thinking of that man at all. I don't think the problem is solved because the other day he told me I would always have a special place in his heart. That tripped me out. All I could think was I wasn't your first choice, stop pretending to care. But, even this is about to go away because Will has applied for several jobs in far away locations and he has asked me to go with him. One of the jobs is in Ireland. OMG! I doubt he'll get that one, but I didn't have to think about it- hell yeah I'll go!

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