Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Think I'm Manifesting Again

I used to be pretty good at manifesting things to physical reality. For a while I was actively trying to see what I could achieve. I manifested a beautiful leather jacket without saying a word or casting a spell. I just wished I could have it and then my mother surprised me by purchasing a nearly identical jacket. Only the pockets were different. The largest thing I ever manifested was Kevin's truck and that took me a year. I had to work against Kevin, he was pretty sure I couldn't do it. I also manifested a pool table just by saying I wanted one. I don't have the table anymore; it was stolen from my parents' barn in Salem. That's the trouble with bringing items to your personal reality- the item may not stay put.

And too, eventually you get tired or careless or just luck runs out. Then awkward things happen, or it happens the way you said, but not the way you intended. Eventually nothing appears and I think it's sort of a Universe Safety Switch; there must be some way to keep reality in place. While it's really cool to make things shift or to have what you want just by wishing it, if all the humans in the world did it all the time things could get weirdly distorted quick.

But that being said, when things are already bending it becomes easy to bend them just a bit more. In my last post, I said the problem with the staring man wasn't exactly solved. Monday night the problem was solved as soon as I walked in. Literally. They fired him for failure to efficiently preform job duties. Oddly enough, instead of firing him privately in an office, he was fired in front of the employee entrance, in full view of everyone walking in to start their shift, and it was probably a good thirty to forty-five minutes after he came in. And I walked in on it. What are the odds that I wished I didn't have to deal with him anymore, that I hoped I could deal with him or that he could behave until I left, then he gets fired instead? I didn't wish him ill. I didn't want him to lose his job, but you see what I mean about things happening the way I said but not the way I intended? Think positive thoughts, people. Positive!

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