Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Again? Really? How Sad Your Little Life Must Be

A while back (don't ask me to find the post, just take my word for it), I wrote about some jealous people at my work. Namely, I was getting male attention and they were not. Well, they're still not getting any attention, being that, you know, they still don't shower before work, they're still rude as hell, they're still fat, and they're still negative, toxic people. I still get lots of attention and evidently I got too much because these two told a lie- I wasn't working because I was too busy talking.

Nothing was said to me. But the man who talks to me got in trouble and what galls me is that he has never once interrupted my job for anything. We talk during breaks and at the end of the shift. We wave to each other. That's about it. His supervisor didn't bother to find out if what was said was true; he just doled out punishment. How scary is that? Someone who doesn't know you, doesn't associate with you, doesn't have anything to gain by one upping you, can put your income in jeopardy with one lie.

If just one person had complained, the complaint probably would have been ignored. But TWO people complained (and let's just overlook the fact that the two are joined at the hip) so obviously it must be true. And never mind these two have done this before. Surely they aren't lying this time.

Do you know why hexes exist? Because there are people in the world who make them necessary.


Aine O'Brien said...

Yes, that is exactly why hexes exist. Do what you will. And may the force be with you.

Sarah said...

Agreed. People like that are why hexes exist. I hope their consciences eat at them until they go confess their lies.