Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day, May Day, May Day.....

Gardens should have a theme. Mine is always 'neglect'.

I've been wanting to plant a 3 Sisters Garden for years and I always get talked out of it. (Why do I let people who have nothing to do with my home talk me out of growing things? WHY?) A three sisters garden is merely sunflowers, beans, and pumpkins growing together, each plant giving the others something it needs- sunflowers provide sturdy stalks for pumpkins vines, beans release nitrogen into the soil, and pumpkin leaves cover the ground discouraging weeds. Last year, I started seeds in pots and my dog Queen chewed them all up. This year, I decided to wait until May and plant directly into the ground. This morning it suddenly dawned on me it is May. Can I plant now? Noooooo. Remember that neglect I mentioned?
The current state of the garden. I planted broccoli and cauliflower. It didn't do very well. Then I sort of forgot about it. Now it's a weedy mess.
Some of the weeds are pretty.
I pulled up all the spent veggies. I'll have Kurt run the lawn mower over this patch and then I clear the rest out with a hoe. Then, maybe, I can plant. And maybe I'll actually remember the plants are out here and maybe they'll grow. But that's a lot of maybe's.

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