Saturday, July 9, 2011

Foxy Lady

Every once in a while, foxes began appearing everywhere in my life.

I noticed this several years back when I made a fox quilt. I found a beautiful fabric panel with a fox family. I paired it with bright yellow to make a baby quilt. It sold immediately. After the quilt, I saw a fox, I found a fox bookmark, I got a catalog with a fox on the cover, and National Geographic had several shows about foxes.

When an animals shows up again and again, it's time to pay attention.

I have seen three foxes in real life. First, I saw a red fox. And it was really RED, like a woman's hair.

Next, I saw a brown fox 'charming'. Foxes will 'play'. They dance, flip, roll in the dirt, chase their tails, seemingly innocent, but all the while drawing closer to its prey. The poor rabbit thinks the fox isn't looking for dinner. When the fox is close enough- SNAP. No more bunny rabbit.

Last, I saw a black fox. I discovered black foxes are very rare where I live.

All these foxes were seen while I was driving, which I take to mean they either travel with me through life or they want me to pay attention to where I am going. Sometimes rabbits also appear around the same time as the foxes. I saw a rabbit in my yard when I came home tonight. I see this as a sign of balance- predator and prey, life and death, innocence and knowing.

It's hard to figure out what Fox means. After all, Fox is a Trickster. Sometimes there's more than one meaning and sometimes I just don't know what I am supposed to learn or do. But I know life is never dull when Fox appears. Right now He is coming in hints and glimpses, in secret signs and codes, shadowy and illusive.

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