Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poor, poor pitiful me

Poor, poor pitiful me
All these boys won't let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me

A man at work, who, I must admit, has an effect on me, was questioning my co-workers. He asked them my name, my age, where I was from, what I was like, and if I was single.

He makes it a point to be near my station several times a night. He walks by A LOT. He stares. He watches. He is making me feel like the only doughnut at a Weight Watchers Convention.

Finally, last night he told me he is married. WTF? If you have someone at home, why are you even checking me out?!


Dreaming of Jeanie said...

Oh my, time to send him packing!! The LAST thing you need is some jealous wife slashing your tires or beating on your door at 4 in the morning. Put your bitch face on and make it clear you don't want any of his drama!

FreeDragon said...

I already sent him away. I have enough problems as it is.