Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today- the dresser

Yesterday I cleaned my kitchen. Today I cleaned my dresser. The kitchen is abundance. The dresser is the personal junk you carry about for no good reason.

I threw out old underwear and old letters from 'friends' I don't have anymore. I reorganized, and actually managed to put all my swimsuits in one drawer (I swim a lot). I got out the clothes that were too ragged to wear and cut them up for quilting scraps. Reuse and recycle!

Then I broke out the polish. I polished the wood until it shone, then got to work on my brass, handheld mirror.

I tightened loose drawer pulls. I cleaned the dresser mirror. And I made sure my candle holders were dust free.

You could say this is just busywork, but I'm a kitchen witch. I think the whole house is a symbol for my psyche. I think one often mimics the other.

So what happens when the house is clean and the clutter is gone?

A facial and a magickal bath. It does no good to take care of the house if I let myself go.

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