Friday, May 13, 2011


I have been feeling a bit depressed about the job situation.

Ever since I got fired, I have been on the Wheel to Nowhere. I fill out applications. I wait. Nothing. I call. I get lame answers and vague promises. I go in person somewhere else to fill out applications. The person hiring likes my resume. They promise to call. I hear nothing. I call them. I get lame answers.

I think my old job must say terrible things whenever anyone calls about me.

But today, finally, I got a call. I have an interview on Monday. Finally, I can get off the the Nowhere Wheel.

To keep good energy flowing, I cleaned my kitchen. I cleaned out my cabinets. I tossed out junk, wiped down shelves, and reorganized as I put items back. To me the kitchen is all about abundance and prosperity. I need me some prosperity, I am almost out of $.

We often forget that in order to receive, we must let go. If you're not sure what to let go of, just clean your house. Let go of dirt and dust and trash. Something will come into your life, I promise.

Here's a folk magick spell for you- to keep your money from being wasted, tie a purple ribbon around your facet. This keeps money from being washed away or going down the drain.

I have purple ribbons around both the kitchen and bathroom facets.

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