Monday, April 25, 2011

Maybe a Scottish Water Monster is a Bad Idea

This is a picture I really like:

But it was not until AFTER I printed it out, that I realized this is a kelpie.

Kelpies lure people onto their backs, then drown them. Some poor soul thinks they're getting on the back of a pretty little pony and only when it's too late do they realize they are riding to their death.

I've been wanting to embroider this horse/kelpie for a child's quilt- until I realized I might cause nightmares.

I think I'll have to find something else entirely for the child's quilt. And maybe the kelpie can go in my Etsy shop.


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k0nrad said...

Hi, do you know the author of that kelpie drawing, or at least remember where you have found it?