Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gator Got Your Granny

Last night Kevin and I went to Yates dam because we like to watch the water. I saw my first alligator.

It was a small alligator. I think. I could only see the tip of its nose and its unblinking eyes. But there wasn't much distance between the nose and the eyes, maybe 7 inches, so I assume it was a small gator. I could be wrong. It never moved. It just stared at us which was freakin' creepy.

Kevin said the gator likes to sun on the the grassy bank. Several people have called the game warden, but since the gator isn't bothering anyone, the game warden won't come get the alligator. I think he's scared of it. Which I understand. I felt uneasy standing on the dock. I've been watching 'Swamp People' and I know gators can move.

We didn't stay long. I don't think Kevin liked the alligator either.

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