Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not Any Simpler

I ordered contacts about 2 weeks ago. They still haven't arrived. So I just checked my account/order status and the contacts have been shipped to my old address. Where I haven't lived in over 18 months. I'm confused because I know I've received a shipment of contacts here. I clearly remember putting in my new address. But in all likely hood I will end up reordering which costs money I don't have. All because first  computers are not what they promise,  and second, someone has thrown my contacts in the trash instead of returning the box to the post office. Life would be much easier if people thought beyond themselves.

Today's card is hare. Since yesterday we got the panther, I would like to mention an exercise that is helpful for banishing problems. Imagine your problem as an animal, like a rabbit, and then imagine the predator animal, such as a panther, swallowing the problem. This works well for fears and bad habits.

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