Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First Harvest

Hello, dear readers. The Wheel of the Year turns to harvest and winter preparation. Right now it is still summer and as little hard to believe cold will come. It seems a bit ridiculous to worry about winter when sun shines so hotly.

I'm writing to tell you how I celebrate each holiday. I thought at first I had never really done anything for Lammas, but then I realized I do the same thing every year, though it's not really the cold I fear. Every year, starting around the time I entered college, I clean off my bookcases. I fear boredom. I always made sure I have plenty to read.

This year I want to make bread. Lammas literally means loaf mass. The wheat is ready.

Normally this is a busy time of year because school starts soon. I decided to do a school spell. More on that in a bit. Let's start with what I am doing. It doesn't look like celebration at all.

It is the first day of a new month. Time to update my calendar.

I start by taking everything off so I can wipe it clean. That's the mundane act.

Now for magick- removing negative energy. This is an amethyst geode. Amethyst is excellent for removing toxins. I visualize shadowy black negative energy being sucked into the geode. Then I see white light filling up the calendar. I imagine us bathed in white light. I must do this every month of the school year. Sometimes, during a bad week when the boys' behavior becomes a problem, I will need to use the geode again. This is why I decided to do a school spell. I would rather head off problems before they start.

Fresh calendar ready for bright days. Those rings you see are trivets I made. Unfortunately, I used man-made cord which melted. Since Lammas is a fire holiday remaking my trivets with natural cotton cord seems like a good idea.

I'm doing lots of things around the kitchen today. I have already cleaned half my pantry. I straightened up items in the refrigerator door. Scrubbing the kitchen isn't fun, but I feel it is important as a Kitchen Witch to pay special maintenance attention to my main magickal work area. When do I get to the fun stuff? At the end of the day when I eat my bread and sip my whiskey.

I have decided to show you the school spell tomorrow. The first order of business was to wash my circle, which leads to letting it dry, then painting, more drying... so yeah, this is getting time consuming. When I have something to show Lammas will undoubtedly be over.

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