Friday, March 17, 2017

More Ways to Resist

In 2018 most of Congress will be up for election. Now is the time to think about what kind of candidates are best suited for the job. If you don't think anyone running is qualified then you have 3 choices: tell the person you like to run for office, run for office yourself, or petition your deity daily between now and then for better government officials.

You need to get your affairs in order because if something is going to trip up resistance it will be red tape. So make sure your licenses are current, organize your paperwork to easily find what you need, pay the fines, and get the correct permit. Double check everything, leave nothing to chance, and if you find a mistake correct it promptly. If you think I'm being overly dramatic remember that when Lorainna Bobbitt cut off her husband's dick and threw it out of the car window she was charged with littering. Because that was all they could charge her with.

Expect people to be nasty. When our leader behaves badly people seem to think it is an invitation to do whatever vile thing they want. Rise above it and go out of your way to be a shinning example of grace, light, and good sense.

Take nothing for granted. You may not have rights much longer.

Focus on what you CAN change. Saving water helps, as does recycling. Small charitable donations are better than none. If you can give back to your community then do it. Changing the world has to start somewhere so why not in your town?

I have decided to do glamour magick. On the surface, that doesn't seem very productive but I think it is because Trump is intimidated by strong, beautiful, intelligent women who are not the least bit interested in him. Money aside, he has absolutely nothing to offer. I have also realized self-care is vital. Resistance is hard when you're too tired to fight. And we will get worn down. So I take breaks from media. I unwind, unplug, and focus on tangible things. That could be as simple as a glass of very good whiskey or an hour of making art. When I leave the house I put more effort into how I am dressed and I am never without protective magick. I am also always armed and at least one family member knows of my location and plans. Whatever it is that you are good at, go do it. Make it your gift to the world.

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