Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kitchen Witch Series

I decided to keep going with the Witches & Magick posts, only I would focus on Kitchen Witch spells. These will be things I regularly do in my kitchen, meaning all the spells posted in this series works for me. I will warn you now, I rarely do anything the exact same way I did it before. So I'll make lots of suggestions on other ways the spell can be done or other ways to enhance it, but there isn't going to be much of exact processes. Some people find this annoying if they aren't sure how to do it. For people who just want the general idea, this is great.

Cooking a ham. I always cook ham in the slow cooker. I find this to be the easiest way as hams really need a long cooking time. With the slow cooker I don't have to worry about basting. The only real requiriment is making sure the ham fits! I have had to slice off bits in order to squeeze the ham in. I try to place the  side with the most fat at the top so that juices run down the ham as it cooks. All I added was a beer. Most any beer will do, but I find apple flavored beers and ales pair best with pig, so I also cook pork chops this way. Wine works very well, and so does whiskey. For a non-alcoholic recipe use honey or fruit juices. Cook the ham on low for about 8 hours. After the ham has cooked, I will give the meat juices and bones to my dogs. My entire household loves it when I use the slow cooker.

Magickally, pigs represent abundance.  Good times to cook this dish would be on payday, during waxing or full moons, at the peak of summer, the beginning of harvest, when you are waiting for tax refunds, or when you fear running out of money. Don't forget to say a money chant. Trinka 5, Trinka 5, ancient spirits come alive. Money grow and money thrive, spirits of the Trinka 5. 

Every part of a pig can be used for something so this is also a good dish for when you need something useful or you would like to motivate people.

Because my family equates the slow cooker with good food that makes them happy, and because my husband has been rather moody, as I poured the beer over the ham I asked for happiness. Think happy as a pig in mud. And beer making people mellow. To enchant food I hold ingredients, imagine them filled with light or energy, then say what I wish to achieve. After all the ingredients are added, I do the same thing with the entire dish. I believe this helps the spell to harmonize  (multiple ingredients usually have different corospondences) and it affirms the spell. When people say the blessing this is what they should be doing. And you thought saying grace was an Xian thing.

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