Monday, August 1, 2016


When I was a newbie Witch I didn't celebrate Lammas because my friend that I did rituals with had 4 children. The middle girl's birthday is August 2. Around here school starts during the first week of August. There was never time for a ritual and I didn't like doing High Holidays alone. I still don't. Holidays should be enjoyed with friends and family. Which makes things difficult when people don't have the same belief system as you. This is a long winded way of saying it took a long time for me to get into the spirit of Lammas.

Lammas is the first harvest holiday. Mabon is second and Halloween is third. This is the time of year when stores start selling autumn decorations even though it's still hot as hell. The stores are really selling a promise of cooler weather. People start longing for hot tea and fashionable leather boots but the heat index is 104 so we wind down the summer with sunflowers and early pumpkins while sipping iced tea.

Lammas is about peak. This is more evident in the sun God Lugh's festivals because Lugh was a healer, a warrior, an archer, and a blacksmith. He had many skills that he excelled at. When this holiday comes you should start thinking about what you're good at and revel in it.

Being a harvest day, bread is the main fare. Lammas is the first wheat harvest. Now I celebrate by baking breads and cake. Often I send the boys out to pick blackberries so I can make clobber. I'd like to point out that people rarely need to know the reason for a party. Generally people are happy with extra food and drink rather than the reason why there's festivities.

Now that I'm a mother, Lammas is a good reason to celebrate because my kids are back in school and I have alone time again. You thought I had deep and meaningful reason, didn't you?  You thought I'd share something about the bounty of family love. Whatever. I enjoy what I can get.

This year I have new Witchcraft to do. I mentioned earlier this year that I was doing Stitch Witchery and knot spells. I married into a family of writers. My father-in-law writes sci-fi and occasionally fantasy. I'm his editor. Periodically I make story suggestions. I came up with a series of magic storylines  (though sadly he declined to use them). One was a knot spell. A wizard throws a circular knot which causes the bad guys to be obliterated. Then I suddenly wondered why I couldn't make a spell like that. Someone causing trouble? Just throw the knot! Then it occurred to me that there must be a 'reel in' spell; some kind of loop that draws your desire closer. See kids, this is why reading is important.

So I have knots to tie, and I also have very important Stitch Witch spell involving stars. I made a plastic canvas star wreath for July Fourth.
My sister-in-law asked me to make one for her. It just so happens I was thinking about spreading magick. I do this sometimes. When I out grow tools or notes, I leave them in public places for other Witches to find. I left a book of shadows in the library. It was a hand written book and couldn't be mistaken for a library book. I've left a cauldron in a cemetery, a sea float buried in a trailer park,  and a ring under house steps. The star idea is just empowering a star I've stitched then leaving it for someone to find. I was thinking of infusing them with luck and prosperity. 

The wreath I'm making for my sister-in-law is more than luck. She has self esteem issues. She's moody and superior acting. She's very intelligent, but she lords it over everyone. Her current boyfriend is still married and has 11 children by about 8 different women.  He holds no job longer than a month.  I think she keeps him because she doesn't think she can get anyone else.  Except she hasn't mentioned him in a while so I think he must have cheated on her. 

I think making her wreath is a good opportunity to bring some humility into her life, along with patience and understanding.  And sound judgement.  Or I might just send her on an adventure because if she was busy with a real man she wouldn't have time to meddle in my business.  So yes, big post on the way.

Currently,  I am very involved with my artists guild.  I made a troll cross for an art show.  Troll crosses are charms to protect against evil influences. 

So, we are now up to date on what I'm doing.  Oh, I almost forgot! I decided to use magick to help people.  The first time I did it a car was stalled in the left lane at a very busy intersection. I used my car starting spell and the driver managed to get the car started and out of the road. Yay! I prevented a wreck! I try to find at least one person to help each time I go out. Sometimes I send energy,  sometimes healing, sometimes luck. Mostly I imagine things going smoothly for them. It's rare to solve a particular problem like I did with the stalled car because we usually don't see exactly what anyone has trouble with.  It's fun to do and it makes me feel better about the world. 

Now, I said I would answer questions. Ask away.  I'll answer questions about my personal practice. I'll answer questions about ghosts and haunted places. I can answer questions about gods and other Witches.  If I don't know, I will find out.

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