Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The House Tour- Outside

So here's the house. Since this is the outside, I'll just skim over some magickal tips:
1. If you want your house to feel welcoming the best thing you can do is scrub the front door. This makes a dramatic impact, though guests probably won't be able to say exactly why your house is so nice. Smudges, dirt caked onto the door mat, and items piled by the entrance subconsciously tells people the house is filthy, even if the inside is spotless.
2. Potted plants are great for incorporating magick into your life. You can grow herbs based on their magickal properties, bury ritual items into the dirt, paint sigils on the pots, or be really low key and draw your signs directly into the dirt. No one will ever see it.
3. Place two crossed safety pins under your door mat to keep bill collectors away.
4. Hang a mirror on your door to turn back negative energy before it enters your home.
5. Empower wind chimes or flags to either bring good fortune your way or to send your prayers to the Universe.
6. Consider a burden basket. This is merely a large, empty basket kept near the entrance. Before entering, place all your worries into the basket. This is usually done by speaking aloud what troubles you into the basket. Then worry can't follow you inside.

This is the side of my house. It's the side closest to my in-laws so eventually I'll be planting mums here to help dispel gossip. The little door leads under the house and it's on the side because we plan to fence in the backyard for the dogs. I've already had to lock the door with a small padlock. We were keeping it closed with a stick but one of our dogs figured out how to remove the stick, pry open the door with her paw, then go lay in the cool sand under the house. I had to put a stop to that because it's only a matter of time before she tears down air conditioning duct work. The only magick I have to say about under the house is that it is attractive to gnomes and other earth elementals. Most of the time these creatures don't bother humans but when people sense their presence it feels 'creepy'. If you think you have something more sinister residing under your home generously spread salt around.

Backyard. Backyards are usually about personal tastes and hobbies. Our yard will be about the comfort of our pets and where we will relax. I don't intend for much magick to be done here but that may change. Right now when I look out here I just see all the work that needs to be done. I'm showing you the house, not the looming expanse of brush waiting to be cleared.

Other side. When considering magick, think carefully about what you want by your side. Side yards tend to be neglected; everyone is either focused on the front or the back.

At my side is my sewing studio. Out buildings have their own unique magick so I'll be discussing them in a separate post. And it will be much later, like probably when we have more of the yard done.

Now we're back around to the front of the house. I'm showing you this area because water stands here. This spot is always muddy. That makes no sense to me because the kitchen of the old house used to be here and the ground under the house isn't supposed to let water stand. Obviously something went wrong somewhere. I've decided to plant hydrangeas here because they love water. They are also useful plants for breaking hexes. They were once a southern staple in cemeteries. I'm not planting anything until after we tear down more of the old house. There is supposed to be 20 feet between structures. We ended up much closer than that. The old house is crooked so at one point we were 18 feet 9 inches, and on the other end we were 18 feet 2 inches. Then we built the porch and got even closer. At least three different people measured out the space beforehand to ensure we were well within the parameters required by law. I think the old house moved over out of spite.

Next week I'll start showing you the inside! 

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Sarah said...

Lovely, Dragon! I know it feels good to have progress and your own space. Little by little. I love the idea of planting mums to help dispel gossip! I am going to plant some at my apartment here! Blessings little Momma.