Friday, May 1, 2015

The Force Is Strong With This One

My husband send me a text yesterday: We need to talk...your voodoo is too strong.


He called before I asked what he meant. He said, 'You know how you're always saying my ex-wife will do something stupid, or she'll O.D. on drugs, or she'll piss off the wrong person and get killed?'


Well, she ended up in the hospital for dangerously low blood pressure. But it couldn't have been that bad because after an hour in the ER she was moved to a room and they are releasing her this morning. Which bums me out because I don't think she should walking around with regular folk. I was hopping the hospital would put her in the psych ward. I think they know she's crazy, they just don't want to be bothered with her either.

I'm not really surprised she went to the hospital. It follows her usual pattern. She just went through rehab. Again. So every single time she's 'clean', she'll have an 'accident', then she gets more pain pills.

My sister-in-law told me more horrible stuff. She told me one morning she got ready for work and heard both boys screaming. One had knocked a glass off the mantle. It shattered in the playpen so the younger boy was screaming because he couldn't step anywhere without stepping on glass and the older child was beating his mother in the head with a drink bottle trying to wake her up. But she was stoned so she wasn't waking up. She didn't even know anything was wrong.

Another time, during the first week of January, Middle Sister's husband took her to work because he had a doctor's appointment. Scott came home around 9am. Both boys were sitting on the porch naked. He stopped, got the boys, and took them next door with him. It was after 2pm before their mother woke up and came looking for them.

Middle Sister told me about how she used to have fits of crazy/drug highs and she'd swing the boys around like ragdolls and more than once she nearly caused serious energy to one or both children. Every time I hear a story like this, I am appalled, horrified, and disgusted. Then I think maybe I should be amazed that the boys function as well as they do. They could be much, much worse.

What we are trying to do at this time is get the drug addict to sign custodial guardianship papers. This doesn't take away her parental rights, it just allows us to make decisions about the boys and gives us some legal footing. I think we should push to have her rights taken away now even though it will be ugly. It would be worth it in the long run.

We did talk to a lawyer who gave us the whole ugly, expensive truth. There's a lot that could happen. We have to file in two separate courts. First we have to file in divorce court to get the divorce decree amended so that Will have full custody of his son instead of joint-shared. Then we have to file in juvenile court to have custody of the older boy. It costs more to file in juvenile court. Things could get dragged out longer. If she doesn't show for divorce court, we get what we ask for and we're done. If she doesn't show for juvenile court she has to be served at least once but the judge could give her up to three chances to show up. That's three times she gets served and three times we have to pay to have her served. We have to prove she's a bad parent. While we are trying to prove it, she could say similar things about us even if there's no evidence. DHR could put the boys in foster care while they try to figure out who's telling the truth.

Really, the only good thing about the custodial guardianship papers is it would give us an indication of what to expect during the court trial. But it wouldn't be of much help if she kidnapped the boys and left the state.

I think I should use the Force more.


Anonymous said...

I think we are within our rights to use the Force when it comes to the safety of our families and be damned to any harm none rules cooked up. In the real world, we have to defend ourselves. Your family is lucky to have you guarding them. Stay strong

Kenneth Roberts said...

Ditto the above comment. 🙌