Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

Currently, I recovering from a low sugar, hence the weird title. Admit it, you do weird things too.

We finally picked out, and put a payment on, a house. You'd think things would start speeding along now but this is not the case. The old house is still in the way. The new house is being put together. Well, planned anyway. I don't think anything will be built until I bring in 5% of the total payment. We just bought a storage shed to house our belongings while we move between, move in, and tear down, or whatever the case may be, houses. The shed will eventually become my sewing studio which boggles my mind because while I had no idea what to do with all my fabric I really hadn't considered a whole building as a studio. A whole building dedicated to fabric and thread. I still can't get my mind around it. Actually, I thought the storage shed would become Will's garage. It never occurred to me that my husband would put my space before his own. Before anyone tells me he's so sweet, I think he's angling for a bigger shop.

I did a slightly wicked thing around Christmas, but it needed to be done. I put a spell on my sister-in-law. Baby sister is very immature. So I spun some cords to the decree that she should either grow up or move on (which is an adult thing in and of itself). And it must have worked because she got married over the weekend. To a man she's dated on and off for NINE years.

I found the trip to the upper part of the state to be highly stressful. We managed to hit Birmingham's rush hour on Friday. My gyno warned me to get up and walk every two hours and while it felt good to move, it was also tedious finding (clean) places to stop, pee, walk, and eat. My husband wanted to stop every hour but I thought that was overkill so I did most of the driving to keep from killing him along the highway.

Our hotel room was so bad that Motel 6 refunded my mother-in-law's money. I'm not going to say they'll leave the light on for you because the reality is the wiring is so bad that the light can't get turned off, it just flickers.

I have never eaten so much fast food in all my life. This played havoc with my sugar levels. Even the boys got tired of eating at McDonald's.

We didn't get to do anything that we planned. There was a lot of hurry up and wait. There was no sleeping in or relaxing. The pool doesn't open until after Memorial Day. My in-laws were their usual self-absorbed, inconsiderate selves. I flatly refused to stay a second night. I didn't feel better until I saw the Tallapoosa River. Home. But my residence was still an hour's drive away. Still, I felt free.

Being crammed with in-laws for days on end, I didn't get to practice any magick. I feel disjointed today like I'll never get my rhythm back. I think my first Witchy act should be to ground and center in my place of power. Sunday we slept and slept some more. Monday we struggled to find our routines and today is the first day I've had alone. The whole weekend feels like it dragged on for two weeks.

Have any of you noticed the problem with the global community? I'll tell you what it is- you can't buy cool souvenirs. Used to, things had local flavor. Even the chain gas stations were not the exact same store. The Chevron in East Alabama was not going to have the same stuff as the Chevron in North Alabama. Now they're all the same store, carrying the same snacks, for the same price. There's no key chains featuring alligators or battleships in Mobile while Huntsville has Saturn 5 t-shirts. We stopped at a Love's Travel Plaza where I bought postcards and pewter statues. The Love's above Birmingham is pretty much like the Love's in LaGrange, GA. The only difference being the key chains say 'Alabama' instead of 'Georgia'. It made me sad because there's no adventure and nothing left to discover. How can anyone create memories when everything is the same no matter where you go? Might as well stay home.

I'm currently re-evaluating my house cleaning schedule. I've had a schedule for years and it worked great when it was just me. If I could figure out what needed adjustments, it would probably work well for the additional lives I now keep track of. Of course, my current house is a little too big to thoroughly clean in one week. My new house will fit a weekly schedule better, but since I don't know EXACTLY what will be in each room I can't work out finer details. One thing that I've changed over the years is to add in spells when I clean. For instance, I ward doorways when I wash windows. I seal mirrors after I clean them. I add floor washes to mop water. When I unclog drains I also banish problems. As soon as I have a plan I'm happy with, I'll share it with you.

Right now though, I'm still feeling loopy. I think I took too much insulin earlier. I'm going to eat some chocolate and read a book.

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