Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Conception of Creative Attempts

I was going to make spell knots today. I had a nice Celtic looking knot planned. I had a low sugar at 4am and when I got up to start my day I didn't have the right mindset for such work. I read the instructions several times but could not make sense of them. I decided it was probably a day better suited to Creating My Story. This begins simply- just start cleaning and remove everything that doesn't belong in the story.
These are airplane boxes. The airlines use them to store the supplies needed for each flight. Yes, the white box does indeed read Delta Airlines. My airplane mechanic husband brings these boxes home. I am storing sewing and craft supplies in these boxes. And I brought them into my living room because my sewing room is so cold I can see my breath.
The white box is for my thread. I will never need to buy thread in my lifetime. I took everything out and smudged the box with incense. I intended to use the Coke crate as a way to give me an extra layer of storage space, but it didn't really work with either box.
I smudged each spool as I put it back into the box. Then I rounded up the other wayward spools hiding in my sewing room. It all fit and I have plenty of room left over. There is no good way to store thread. If you leave it out where you can see it, then it gets dusty. If you buy storage boxes meant to hold thread then either you have more thread than box or you have a spool that doesn't fit. Which is still more thread than box.
The dark gray box holds yarn and plastic canvas and stencils. I decided it could hold a few more things and now my sewing table is much neater. I didn't get a picture of the reorganized set up.

Next I moved on to my sewing boxes. I have an actual sewing box which I bought in an antiques store, then I have a small airplane box. In the interest of scaling down I decided I only need one sewing box. So I picked the airplane box because if it is tipped over the lid will remain closed. It's a lot more sturdy and that's essential because I carry my sewing around everywhere. The airplane box is water resistant. And I can prop my feet on it without worry of dirty getting on my notions.

I did all this cleaning because I need a story. This is important for when I want to sell what I have made. I haven't decided exactly what my story is. I do know it is full of magick. And I know the story can't flow until the blocks are cleared.

I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming year. I've started planning, clearing the way, making note of what needs to be done. I think this year will be a very different story from previous years. Soon I should be able to start telling it to you.

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