Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Month of Witches & Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles Day 16

We didn't have technical problems today, you simply caught up to me. I didn't have any more posts written. I still have quite a few ideas but trying to provide for my family ate up the time I wanted to use for blogging. I'm going to try to get ahead today, but I'm pretty sure you'll catch up again because the Season of the Housewife is upon us. That's what I call October 1 to X-mas morning because I spend nearly every one of those days sewing, cleaning, cooking, or decorating. I'm pretty sure most women in America are doing the same thing, Witches or not. I'm supposed to be making costumes but that isn't going to happen because I'm working on a queen-sized quilt. That has to be finished before Christmas. I have other presents to make, I have sewing jobs that I am being paid for and need to finish, and at least once a week, someone brings me something that needs a button, a patch, or a hem raised.

I've been trying to really deep clean the house because Thanksgiving will be here soon. I've neither planned a menu or grocery shopped. Don't tell me I have plenty of time. If I was only doing Thanksgiving, I'd have plenty of time. If we weren't trying to get a new house and if I didn't have to clear this one out, I'd have plenty of time. If I wasn't figuring out how to buy presents for two young children, I'd have plenty of time. If the school didn't beg every day for either my time or my money, I'd have plenty of time.

Usually during this chaos I wonder why anyone would voluntarily cook or sew.

But we are studying magick so let me stop whining about my never-ending to do list.

I found this picture this morning and I thought it was just lovely. It shows patterns/placements of energy surrounding the human body. I have only a basic understanding of charkas. I can tell you they are real things. When I worked for the chiropractor and I gave massages to patients, I became very good at feeling energy fields. I could actually feel different energy vibrations where people felt pain. The doctor I worked for talked about aligning body energy often. He believed in realigning energy first and drugs were only used as a last resort and then drugs were to support the healing of the body, not to mask symptoms. He'd give you vitamins before he gave pain pills. About 95% of his patients
shouted praise from the rooftops. The people who were just looking for prescription drugs only came in once.

What I like about this diagram is that is gives a whole picture. When we learn about charkas, we tend to learn about them singularly. I have been told over and over again that charka means wheel and charkas rotate. I always pictured them as being locked in one place rotating like a gear. But that's not right. Each charka sends out waves of energy. Then those waves join with the other energy from every charka and it makes a pattern. Every thing in your body is connected. Isolating one area of the body gives a very limited and very rigid view of health. How much healthier would we be if we understood that we already have a beautiful pattern of cosmic energy in place?

So what does this have to do with transmutation circles? Look at the grid one the left side of the picture. Now look at this sigil and tell me the difference:
Is this why magick works, because we use spells that are the same patterns of our auras?


Jeanne said...

Yes. (in answer to your last question) I believe that is true to a point. When the spell we work meshes with not only our own energy pattern but also the energy patterns of whatever is utilized in the spell (color, herb, crystal), powerful magick is created.

I can totally relate to how you are feeling now. This time of year always seems to bring on a multitude of tasks and time seems to dwindle quite rapidly. Tend to the items which need attention. We shall be here when you return. :o)

FreeDragon said...

Hey wait a minute, aren't you in the tipi now? How much decorating do you have to do? How are you going to celebrate the holidays? How do you hide presents when there are no doors to close? Do you have enough space for everyone to dine together? Are you going to bring a Christmas tree inside or decorate one in the yard?

Jeanne said...

We're not in the tipi full time yet. Our move is planned for late next Spring. And since it is just Hubby & I that will be living there, space isn't a concern. As to decorating and celebrating the holidays, well...we'll have to see what happens.
These are all great questions and I think they are worthy of a blog post!