Monday, October 13, 2014

A Month of Witches and Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles Day 13

So far, I've covered what I don't know, the questions I have, and examples of circles in general. I have far more questions than answers. If you've been following along from the beginning, you are probably wondering if these circles actually work or if what I tried worked. So let's get back to the spell I showed you at the beginning of the month, the one for my business venture.

In a word, no, it hasn't worked. But I don't think this is the circle's fault. The fault lies purely with me. I didn't keep going with the work. Or, more accurately, I took my eye off the goal.

I plan to start selling my crafts again. Some day. So because things are rather vague with no firm plan or a check list of goals and tasks, I keep forgetting what I originally set out to do.

My first goal was to sell boxes. I made a few. I found a few good markets for them. Then I got some more ideas for other things I could sell.

I've been using magick a lot when I create. I use my crystal ball to amplify power into my needlework. I consider astrology and try to begin projects on 'power' days. I consider color magick. I think about numerology; usually I add the digits assigned to the floss. I add up all the numbers until I get a single number. (ie- DMC's 507 floss is 5+0+7=12, 1+2=3, 3 would be the number of times I chant my spell. Or I might try to work on the project 3 times during the day. Or I could give myself a deadline of 3 weeks or 3 months. The great thing about numerology is the numbers can be made to fit most anything. The problem is the numbers are everywhere and you can drown in the math. Best to know your limits and to have a stopping point.)

Along the way, I stopped thinking of my circle as what I intended- to have a successful business venture. I started thinking of it as prosperity magick because that's why people start businesses in the first place, isn't it? To earn a profit. But that's not what I said when I first colored my circle. I said I wanted my new business venture to be successful. I didn't say I wanted prosperity. So naturally when I started putting my colored circle on my altar and asking for money to come my way no money came.

Being somewhat dense, I didn't figure this out right away. I kept plugging away at asking for money. Which wasn't coming with the circle. It did come with other spells.  But I wasn't selling anything. I am getting work, and people are asking me to make things, but I have not sold a single box.

But I'm not doing the mundane work either. I haven't actually put my boxes on the market. I wanted to have a stock ready so I wouldn't struggle to keep up. Except I'm also busy doing the other things I like to do, want to do, and have been asked to do.

I lost focus.

I forgot what I planned to do. I went off on a side-trip. I planned one circle for one purpose and then I tried to use that same circle for other matters. It doesn't work that way. If you have ADD work with stones. Stones and crystals don't mind extra work. They will help you with pretty much whatever you ask. Circles have one track minds. They're going to do what you asked them to do and if you come back later with more requests they will not only ignore the new request, but they will probably cease with their original orders. Because obviously I don't know what I want, so best just wait until the situation is firmly in hand.

Aaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh. Time to start over.

I still like the idea of a transmutation circle. I like the idea of a circle spell. I know I must understand what I am working with. I am starting to understand how important it is to plan, then stick to that plan. I think now if things change then what I need is a new circle, trying to change things with the old circle isn't going to work. The circles are fixed. This isn't something I've really thought about before because drawing a circle on the ground for a ritual is a short-lived thing with just one or two purposes, to either protect or to hold magick. The best way I can explain it is in math- a circle can be the basis for a million designs. But those designs only make sense when viewed one at a time. Drawing design after design on top of each other results in a mess. Maybe some designs can be seen, but most will be lost. If you have too many you will probably forgot how many you drew. You probably won't even finish all the designs because you won't see where lines are supposed to connect. There'll be too much in the way.

The other thing I've learned is these circles need a schedule. Skipping several days results in no mojo. This is tough for me because I am a Witch living in an Xian household. I do magick every day. I do big spells Monday through Friday when everyone is at work or at school. On the weekend I might direct energy or mentally say a chant but I won't have candles burning. On the weekend my journal is put away. I'm not spending my Sundays looking for alchemy on Google. I think the transmutation circle either needs a once and done method or it needs to be worked every day (probably at the same time each day) until the goal is achieved. If you have small children or several responsibilities vying for you attention this is not the magick for you.

So here I am, back to square one. I think I need to take the time to figure out what makes a good circle. And since alchemy doesn't seem to be helping me, tomorrow I'll focus on what doesn't lie- geometry.

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Jeanne said...

Some really good thoughts. And I agree with what you have written. A person must remain focused.