Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spin the Wheel

I'm busy. I know I say this all the time, but I can't emphasize enough how much happens in a day. Most of the time, I can only go so far before 1.) something else happens, 2.) I need to repair/replace/adjust/buy new for whatever I'm working on. But no worries, I'm never completely stalled. There's always something to do. Most days I work on a series of projects. Every once in a great while, I finish one.

If I think about every thing I have to do in a day, I get tired. It's much better if I do more than I think. Doing is progress. Thinking is over-whelming.

But I've got to have some sort of plan or else I get stuck. Thus- the spinning wheel spell.

I've used this spell in the past with sewing projects when I really wanted things to go smoothly with as few problems as possible. It works well in all kinds of situations. All you are doing is directing the focus of your mind. For the spell, you need something that spins. I use drop spindles like this:
Any kind of wheel will do, as long as it spins. It has to spin.
So this wagon wheel probably won't work unless you can lay it on the ground, balance it just right, and get more than three turns out of it. There are lots of things that spin:
Tops are great because they spin for a long time. The longer your wheel spins the more energy you can apply.
You can rig something up, just be aware some things have more momentum than others.
After you select a wheel, sit still and calm your mind. This is the most important part. If you can't calm down for a minute nothing will get done. Spin the wheel. Now visualize a white light traveling from you, around the wheel (going with the wheel, not against it), and traveling outward. If you have a physical project, say a mess to clean, a shirt to mend, a meal to cook, let the light travel over the objects. Firmly visualize the END result- the shirt mended and hanging in the closet, your family enjoying a good meal, a clean house. Focus on what you want to achieve. Don't worry about how it will get done. See the finished result. You will find it doesn't take as long as you thought to finish things or you easily come up with solutions to problems you encounter. All this spell does is give your subconscious a goal. While you go through your day, your subconscious is busy making things happen.

What if you have a busy day with lots to do? What if you must deal with difficult people? What if you can't even think of all you have to do? Spin the wheel and visual the end of the day. Imagine you are ready for bed and everything is done. Don't worry about how it will happen, focus on what you want. Spin the wheel, watch it, get a good memory of it spinning and when you feeling stressed, remember the wheel then tell yourself you will get what you want.

Sometimes the wheel works very quickly. Other times it might be a few days before things work out. Sometimes things happen in surprising ways and you get what you want, just not in the way you thought. I find if I use the wheel for a few days, the first time I skip a day I will have all kinds of stupid mistakes. Then I spend some time with my spindle and I'm back on track. If you have a good imagination, you don't need a wheel. I like having the physical object. It helps me focus.

Keep the wheel clean. I like to wipe my spindles down after a big project and smudge them with incense. I spin clockwise. If I do spin counterclockwise, I'm doing banishing work. I will use the same spindle for several projects. Sometimes I have a list of goals and I slowly read them as I spin.

The great thing about the wheel is it is very versatile. I like to sit in my rocking chair and spin. I can get a good rhythm going matching how I turn to the spindle to the speed of the chair. I can add music, I can light a candle, I can chant, or I can spin in the dark. I used to carry the spindle with me to spin before going into a stressful job. You can also spin ideas- chant a word while spinning like love, luck, happiness, or respect. Spinning is such a wonderful thing I don't know why the spindle isn't a standard Witch's tool like a broom or cauldron.

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