Saturday, December 14, 2013

Around Casa De Dragon

This is the ceramic tree my grandparents made. My grandfather had a ceramic shop and had he lived a little longer I would probably be into pottery instead of textiles. I cannot remember a time when this tree wasn't on display at Christmas. I intend to put up a real tree as well. I have never, ever paid for a Christmas tree. There are perks to growing up on a 50 acre farm.
The heater comes on a lot. It is rather chilly here. And raining. Alabama has rain at Christmas instead of snow.
A few cards have arrived.
Bill's Christmas gift. I still have a ways to go. Unfortunately, the last bit has the most detail.
This is the back of a gift. I love this fabric. I intended to use it in a dragon quilt. But then I needed a backing fabric and this was perfect. Not only do I love the rich color and paisley pattern, but this fabric sews very well. It is thick and soft. It's Cranson brand. Normally, I don't get into brand names but I've used their fabric in the past and I've always been pleased with the result, even if I wasn't too fond of color. If you are looking for good quilting fabrics, Cranson is what I'd recommend.

In other news, I have finished the mirror, I just have to put it together. Which I suppose means I'm not finished, I just got the sewing done. I am really liking the mirror and I may make more to sell. The more I think about this, the more ideas I have. Has anybody ever used the 'promote' on Facebook? From what I understand, this makes your posts available to more people. It's sort of free advertising, and after 100 likes you can get a 'boost' which shows the post to an even wider audience, but you do have to pay for it. The promotes and boosts are the posts that appear in your home feed from businesses you are not following. It says 'suggested post' and you are urged to like the page. All the ones that appear in my feed are big box stores like Target. I've never seen one from ordinary folk promoting small business so I was wondering if it was worth it to try and sell anything on Facebook. A few of my friends own businesses, I'm friends with a photographer and a baker, so I get their business posts all the time just because I am already friends with them, but I don't know how many more people see it. I'm not sure if they really get some sales from Facebook or if they just try to cover every avenue in hopes of landing more sales. Any thoughts on this?

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