Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 20 of Kitchen Witchery- Real Magick

Since I haven't been working, I've been on a really tight budget. I love candles. I like them just for ambiance; being able to use them in magick is a plus. I keep four candles burning at all times- one for the dragons, one for my ancestors, and one for the sun and one for the moon. These four candles make my three shrines. Because it is very hard to keep a live eternal flame, I use LED flameless candles. Yes, that is a lot of plastic, but they are wonderful alternatives if you can't have real candles. You'll never have to worry about a LED candle causing a fire while you sleep. Plus, the flameless candles are just as cheap as the real tea lights. I noticed there are scented LED's now so really they're just as good as the real thing.
But cheap as they are, because I am on a tight budget and not wasting anything, when I ran out of LED's I didn't buy more. I don't really need candles. They are very nice to have, but I can live without them.
I came into some extra money so I stocked up on lots of food items. And I still had plenty of money left so I bought candles. Both LED's and tea lights.
I dusted the shrines, then turned on the candles. I turned on the lamp and turned off the overhead light. I settled down with my sewing. I just kept admiring the flickering light. My living room looks so nice in soft light.
And that's when I realized, it's not really the light per se, but more that I have taken time and effort to care for and love something. In the picture above I have my sun and moon candles (in the sun and moon candle holders), my favorite drinking glass, my sewing box and latest project, and my chess set, all sitting on the trunk I use as a coffee table. I am surrounded by items I love every day. I spend my time working on hobbies I enjoy. I'm making a picture frame mat for a photograph of my great-grandparents and I'm pretty sure that's why the ancestor candle seems to shine so bright. And I'm pretty sure my dragon statues look happy because the real dragons see that I care for them.
I've been telling you how to cook, clean, and plan. I should have been telling you the best kind of house is the one you love.

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