Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pics of Better Quilts (But Not Better Pics)

I hate my camera. I take a few dozen shots before one comes close to right and just forget about close-ups. I apologize for any blurriness.

Here is my ring of fire quilt. That's not a real block name, it's just what I'm calling it. It's not finished because the fusible web I used gunks up my needle, causing my machine to skip stitches. I don't know what to do about it yet.

This is a cheater quilt. It's one piece of fabric with printed quilt blocks. I started it to get back into the routine of quilting. I'm trying to do one block per day. I don't have plans for this quilt. Pink is so not my favorite color and this is not anything I would actually buy. I was given bags and bags of fabric. One bag had THREE of these pink quilts.

Several years ago, I bought 12 eight point star blocks at the flea market. I've quilted 3 blocks. They're all lovely, antique blocks and I really should finish them. Maybe one day.

Not a quilt. This is my rug, which I am making to go under my rocking chair. This is a really bad picture. The yarn is much prettier in real life. It reminds me of the sea with its green, blues, and seashell pink. I'll run out of my pretty sea yarn, and I'm yet to pick a color (or colors) to finish the rug. Maybe I need a deep blue.


Chrysalis said...

I think your quilts are beautiful! You are quite talented!

FreeDragon said...