Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I haven't fallen into the danger zone with my sugar. Yay!

Not much going on here, just running to the grocery store, cooking, and taking care of my little house and all who reside in it. I'm designing some dragon fabric for my etsy shop which is slow going because so many little mundane things require my attention.

Magickally, I've been asking for blessings daily. I've also been speaking to my goddesses who seem to be ignoring me. But they're African and African gods will either help you or they won't. Given how forcefully Oya jumped into my life I thought She had plans for me. But no, evidently She just wanted my attention.

My little indoor kitchen garden is doing well. I have plans to plant peppers. Start peppers indoors in January so they will be ready to go in the spring. The warmer the ground temperature, the hotter the pepper. Peppers are protective, good for banishing, raising energy, and spicing up your love life. A string of peppers hung in your house will absorb negative energy, but don't eat any from the string- you must return the peppers to the earth.

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Chrysalis said...

Glad you are feeling better!

I had heard that about the peppers! I tried it once, but my cat got into them. He jumped at the string. I may try it in a back room that he can't get into. I keep absorption "jars" in my home.. jars of charcoal, salt, dragons blood and a hematite. I keep one in each corner of the room and change the contents monthly, returning the old to the earth. So far, no cat interference! LOL!