Friday, October 29, 2010

How Rabbit Feet Become Lucky

Once there was a farmer whose cows were going dry. He could find no cause for it so he decided someone must be stealing the milk. He decided to sit up in his field all night to catch the thief.

It was a very dark and cold night. The moon barely gave any light. The ground was hard and the farmer was uncomfortable. He thought longingly of his warm bed. After most of the night had passed he began to think this had been a foolish idea. He was about to give up and go in the house when he saw movement by the fence.

It was just a rabbit. The farmer went back to cursing himself for sitting up all night. Once again he decided to get up, then he noticed something odd.

The rabbit was going to each cow, standing up on its hind legs and sucking milk from the udders. The farmer had never heard of such a thing. He knew this was no ordinary rabbit.

The farmer sat so still that the rabbit didn't not see him. Eventually the rabbit came close by and the farmer grabbed it. The rabbit began to kick, scratch and bite. The farmer pulled out his knife and cut off the rabbit's foot.

The rabbit screamed like a person and ran away. By now it was almost morning and in the dawn's light the farmer could see a trail of blood. He followed the blood through the woods to the local village.

The blood trail went to a cottage on the edge of town. The farmer knew the cottage well, it belonged to a wise woman and healer. There was blood on her door.

The farmer went in the cottage and saw the old wise woman sitting by the fire with the bloody stump of her arm wrapped in bandages. She looked at him and said, 'Now you give me back that foot.'

The farmer looked at her. He put the rabbit foot in his pocket. He said, 'Naw. I think I'll keep it for luck.'

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