Dragon RAGE Studio

It's Dragon RAGE Studio because my initials spell out rage and I was born during the year of the dragon.

I originally wanted to update the page weekly, but then I started Fiber Friday on the main blog and this got redundant. I decided it might be better to show what kind of work I do for my various groups/clubs/guild/etc.

Fox Valance
I am now down to the youngest children's foxes. This is my 6th fox.

Seasonal Decorations
For Valentine's day I made some hearts and hung them from the mantle.

Have Art, Will Travel
I sew all the time. I almost always have a project with me. Lots of people ask what I am making. I decided to have promotional art. All I need now are business cards. Whenever someone asks, I'll show them art (hopefully they'll want to buy) and give them a card.

LaGrange National
This is my Magic Rug. I was making this to enter in the LaGrange National when I realized I had another deadline coming up. Both have an entry fee. I can afford one. This won't do for the other show. The odds of me getting into LaGrange are slim. What I was so keen on was how cheap the entry fee is. I can enter 4 pieces for $35. Except I have 1. UNLESS I make more. The deadline is Friday. I'm entering next year. With more art. I can now focus on the other show I can barely afford to enter.

The Columbus Artists Guild
Troll Cross. Entry from 2016 Guild Members Show
Detail from Troll Cross. I made this piece because I felt like I was being lied to and I was sick of it.

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