Dragon RAGE Studio

It's Dragon RAGE Studio because my initials spell out rage and I was born during the year of the dragon.


Fox valance:
There are now 3 foxes. One for the whole family, a fox for my husband, and a fox for me. This is a personal project and not for sale.
I was working on this project at my doctor'soffice. I told him I was making a fox for each family member and he thought I meant my entire family. I like the idea of an embroidered family tree so that could be a future project.

Summer of the Timber Rattlers. We have killed 3 rattle snakes in our dog pen. Our dog Borris  (represented by the paw print) has been bitten twice. The stars represent how many hundreds of dollars I spent in vet bills. One star is incomplete because the vet felt bad and discounted my bill.
I have finished the front. I decided to do 2 sided art work. The back of this piece will feature trees because I think we have disturbed a snake den in the woods. I'm having lots of problems with my trees. I have started over 4 times. I am determined to stitch trees. I believe I am missing something important and the Universe is holding up progress until I get the message.

Borris has died. Before the snake bite, he developed bone cancer. After spending all that money to keep him alive, I really didn't want to put him down. We decided to amputate his leg. The smaller bone deteriorated away. Then his leg became swollen. Then it oozed blood. Then a large, ugly tumor appeared. Then he had a seizure. And I couldn't stand to see him suffer. I didn't think he would live through the amputation. I put him down.

Bang, Bang, Blip, Blip
I missed the deadline. I don't know what to do with it.

Magic Rug
Work in progress

Little Pink Houses for You and Me.
This is for the 2018 Columbus Artists Guild's Members Exhibition. I have finished the background, now I need to work on the houses.

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