Dragon RAGE Studio

What's going on at Dragon RAGE Studio:

It's Dragon RAGE Studio because my initials spell out rage and I was born during the year of the dragon.

Current Projects:
Fox valance
Summer of the Timber Rattlers
Bang, Bang, Blip, Blip
Little Pink Houses for You and Me

Fox valance:
First fox for the family and husband's fox.

Summer of the Timber Rattlers. Work in progress.  We have killed 3 rattle snakes in our dog pen. Our dog Borris  (represented by the paw print) has been bitten twice. The stars represent how many hundreds of dollars I spent in vet bills. One star is incomplete because the vet felt bad and discounted my bill.

Bang, Bang, Blip, Blip


Little Pink Houses for You and Me.

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Jeanne said...

Very nice! Thank for sharing! :o)