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What's going on at Dragon RAGE Studio:

I decided it might be best if I showed you whatever I am currently working on. This gives you a glimpse into what I make and why. Because I always have half a dozen things going at once there will never be a storage of material. First, a little info about me, then onto the projects:

It's Dragon RAGE Studio because my initials spell out rage and I was born during the year of the dragon.

I sew. I don't draw beyond sketching out designs or patterns. I rarely paint, other than a bit of crafting, because I am very particular about how things should look. I find painting easier than drawing. I suppose in either case, I would need to do it much more often than I do to get good at it.

I like Steampunk and occasionally do art with metal. My husband usually gets involved with my steampunk art. I find pieces and he welds it for me. When we work together, we're making art for ourselves, not to sell.

My husband is actually very good at drawing. He drew a wolf howling at the moon on leather. I embroidered it and we gave it to my father-in-law for Christmas. I would like to do more projects such as that. I enjoy working with my husband.

Artist is my 'real' job. I sew every day. I started doing quilts. Now, I do lots of needlework. I still make the occasional quilt. My husband is an airplane mechanic. My father-in-law is also an artist. He was a technical draftsman in the Navy. He made models of ships. These were given to retiring crewmembers. He still draws and makes sculpture. We are both members of the Columbus Artists Guild. We frequently become involved in the same shows or events.

I have five children, four stepsons and my little daughter. I would like for my daughter to be an artist, but really I will be pleased and proud as long as she is happy. I drag most of my children to art shows. I frequently tell my adult sons the art world is a great place to meet women. I don't think they believe me. All of them are accustomed to art supplies spread across the kitchen and all five know not to touch my scissors.

Current Projects:
Done! The dragon is done! And a week before deadline! OMG! Should you be in the Columbus, GA area, my dragon  (which I have named "Bittersweet", but in the show his tittle is "Earth Dragon") will be at the Columbus Public Library on Macon Road starting Saturday, July 30. There is art much better than mine there as well, so do stop by.

The first fox is nearly done:

Large wall hanging for an upcoming auction to benefit The Columbus Youth Symphony Orchestra. It will be a shooting star titled "And All the World Will Love You"

As I finish, start, and ship off art, I'll update this page. I can't give you a time frame because some things can be made in a day and other art I spend a year making. All I can promise is I work on art every single day.

Future Projects:
I intend to make boxes. Here's one I made for my kitchen:
This one is tall and narrow. I designed it to hold aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and sandwich bag. I was using a basket, but it took up too much room on the island.
Yesterday, this book arrived in the mail. Weeks ago I decided to buy the book but I was waiting for money matters to be more stable. I put it in the online shopping cart then forgot about it. I ordered 3 more books last week not realizing this was still in my cart. I'm very glad to have it because this book contains beautiful stitches that I think would be lovely box motifs.
This is the beginning of my 2018 guild show project called "Little Pink Houses for You and Me" all the houses in the project will be pink. My mother recently gave me embroidery floss. I sorted it out, started putting it away, and as I did I pulled out all my pink, plus some purples, and a little orange for shocking contrast. This project will also use keys, as well as a few vintage maps. I'm very excited about starting.

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