Daily Practice

I am writing on October 19, 2017. A lot has changed in my life, and I sense that things are still changing. I am doing more Magick now. The way I practice is still the same. There's simply more to the daily practice now.

I still write rituals and spells in my journal. Now I do it almost every day. I have started carrying my journal in my purse. 

I'm reading the cards every day. These are both decks of playing cards. Both feature the art of Anne Stokes. I generally pull cards from the deck on the left, then find the same cards in the Dark Hearts deck and compare them. Sometimes it gives me more clarity, sometimes it makes me consider a different option, and sometimes it affirms what I already know.

I use these crystals for glamour. I rub the amethyst over my face to remove toxins, then the rose quartz to promote beauty and health. I follow with witch hazel. I made glamour part of my daily practice because I think I need it. People are much friendlier when I look my best. It's easier to get what I want if people's first response is positive. I don't want to battle for every little thing. That shit is exhausting.

I still do cooking and sewing spells, as well as working with my broom. I use my crystal ball on a near daily basis. I'm trying to learn about other subjects like sacred geometry and alchemy. The problem I'm encountering is there's lots of information on sacred geometry but not much on how exactly to use it. Apparently putting crystals on a design is enough, but I think there's a bit more to it. I'm having a similar problem with alchemy. There are people who recreate the science experiments, people who copy the signs without understanding them, and people who think changing awareness is Magick enough. But there is almost nothing on what to do with a transmutation circle. I watched a few videos showing the circles being drawn but there was no mention of why it was being drawn. And I wondered what she was using because she walked across the circle multiple times without compromising the design so I think that rules out chalk. Each time I search alchemy I get the cartoon Full Metal Alchemist and it becomes difficult to tell what is real and what is embellished. 

In case you are wondering why I increased my work, I got tired of dealing with the same problems over and over. In some cases, I feel like I've done everything I could. Mainly, I wanted permanent change, not temporary solutions.

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