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When I first started this page it was just before Lammas so the holiday figured prominently in the page. Before long this wasn't a daily practice page, it was a turn of the Wheel. That wasn't what I set out to do at all.

I debated what should be on this page for a long time. I would like for my blog to be both helpful and entertaining. But my life is a crazy mess. I can't give you enlightenment because I don't have it myself.

Really,  I don't think you're here for that. I think people start reading my blog because they are looking for something similar to themselves. At least that is why other social media is popular- we want verification that the small things we do are authentic. We claim we want diversity but we look for people who think like us.

So here we go. When you get to the end of the page you'll no longer feel guilty about your full moon rites being nothing more than drinking beer on the porch.

This is my #1 magickal tool- my journal. I don't have time  (or space, or privacy) for full altars and long rituals. (I don't even have an altar anymore. More on this in a bit.) Journal rituals are simply writing out what I want to achieve rather than physically doing the rite. It works for me. It doesn't take nearly as long, yet allows for more details. I have a record created as I do the ritual and I can reenact it at any time by simply rereading. I write everything in my journal. I make observations, note the weather, jot reminders of errands,  dream, and work out ideas. I could loose all my tools but still be a practicing Witch as long as I could write.

Now, about the lack of an altar:
I do have shrines. I do a lot of magick by arranging things. This is where I arrange things to help my family. This was more seasonal. I'm sorry I didn't take a before picture. I decided I needed to focus on my husband's energies because when he is healthy and happy we all fare much better. Whenever I see this I think of him and wish him well. When I was a newbie Witch I read a lot about altars were to worship, altars were where Witches worked, altars had to be low to the ground but altar meant high place. Shrines were for honoring ancestors or gods. Except leaving an offering or a petition is a working. I do my spells on the kitchen island. I can work anywhere. I decided a shrine was for what you love most.

As for the kind of spells I do, I work almost exclusively for my family. I have joined the resistance but that is because I wish to make the world better for my children. And because of my own selfish wish to be free and safe.

I do cooking spells. This is simple. I add empowered or charmed ingredients with intent. I do stitchery spells which works like cooking spells except I charm thread with intent instead of food.

Here is an example of a knot spell. I used several different types of knots but really this will work with any knot. All you're doing is tying up intent. I have formed the spell and will activate it when I hang it up.

I work spells all day, every day. Most are incorporated into normal activities. I might put forth more effort for something big. If I wanted a job I might clean out my closet since I would be required to dress a certain way,  or I might wash the car since it would be my transportation to work. I would probably do other things like light a candle or carry a charm to the interview. But whatever I did, I would be thinking of what I wanted and what changes I would need to make in order to reach my goal.

I realize this isn't much of a practice. Or maybe I should say it is but I didn't give you many details. That's why you're here, isn't it? Here's some ways to bring magick into your life:
1. Read. Read blogs, follow Witches on social media, go to the children's section of the library. Find as much about magick as you can, even if you know it to be fiction. The question is, can you figure out how to do those spells, or at least come up with the same outcome if not use the same kind of magick? It's okay to be inspired by fiction.
2. Carry good luck charms.
3. Make plans according to moon phases or seasons. There's magick  (and security) in knowing when to do things.
4. Cast circles. Cast them around yourself, your car, your house, or anything you wish to protect. Cast counterclockwise circles around things that bother you.
5. Energy balls. Throw a ball of energy at what you wish to change. Throw prosperity at the bill pile or healing energy at a sick friend. Or calming energy at a nosy drama queen.
6. Light candles.
7. Make lists of new things to try.
8. Record your dreams.
9. Try blessing your food to see if it tastes better or if you have more energy after eating.
10. Make an effort to be happy. Remove what makes you sad. Get through unpleasant tasks by rewarding yourself afterwards. Do more of what you love.

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