Daily Practice

This is my Magick Sewing Box. I use it as a magick box. Each time I open it, the energies I want swirling through my life are released. I store my current sewing projects in this box because I decided sewing is the best way for me to do spells. I do other kinds of spells such as Kitchen Witchery but I do stitch spells every day so that is what I will focus on here.

Every morning, I ground and center, then I open my box. I have found my day goes much more smoothly if I mentally affirm goals even if my day is hectic and I don't get to sew. It helps me to stay focused. Staying focused is half the battle.

I store Magick tools here. I do 2 spells when I open the box. The first has nothing to do with sewing.

First, I use my mirror to banish/protect. The poem is "The Rune of Saint Patrick" As I say each line, I imagine the power of each line reflected in the mirror, then spilling from the mirror to completely surround me. Each line mentions Heaven, sun, snow, fire, sea, wind, etc. I do this slowly. At the end I imagine white light pushing away anything evil. It's much easier to sew when you aren't worried.

The second spell is about sewing. I align myself to my higher purpose by focusing on sewing. What I would like to become is an artist whose work inspired people. I need to do my very best work and I need to both assist and communicate through my work. I feel better when I get to sew. I can sell my work and support myself, or I can make charity pieces that help others. Sometimes I sew and think of solutions to my problems. I put the fidget spinner on top of the Celtic knot. I visualize pleasant outcomes both through my sewing and because of it. This could be a quilt bringing comfort or meeting other artists and then we work together. I repeat this spell often throughout my day. Every time I open the box, really.

Spindles are for manifesting. Usually I spin them while trying to figure out what type of project would help me reach my goal. This could be as simple as deciding if I should make a box or bag to sell to choosing colors on a custom order.

My crystal ball is to make my projects go smoothly. I hold the ball over the project then see it as complete. The ball is also good for keeping me calm. Sometimes I hold the ball in my lap while I sew. This helps produce a "no mind", I am only sewing, not thinking. No mind is a form of meditation. I can't keep no mind for very long. When I do, I will suddenly realize I have gotten a lot done. This is rare. Usually I become solely focused on sewing and the rest of the world fades away.

Sewing projects rest on top of my Magick tools.

I also have a regular sewing box.
I keep scissors, needles, pins, magnifier glasses and the like in it. This is box I carry with me while the Magick box is always at home. It is too difficult to constantly work Magick while sewing. The spell work is done at the beginning of a project, maybe before picking up my needle again, and when the project is completely finished.

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