Daily Practice

This is how I personally practice Witchcraft. I am a Kitchen Witch. A lot, but not all, of my craft revolves around cooking and crafts. I do not follow a particular tradition. I don't really work with or worship Goddesses. This is just what I do almost every day. It works for me.

I have been a practicing Witch for around 20 years. I think it's a little less than that, maybe 18 years, but close enough. Like most American Witches, I tried to do what every Wiccan book urged me to do- set up a full altar with a wide range of stuff. I had candles, crystals, books,  bowls,  knives, cloth, mirrors,  boxes...and somehow I still didn't have what I needed for a spell. I definitely didn't have enough space to work.

I tried lots of different things over the years. I tried several different traditions and systems. My problem was they never seemed to suit me. I was very drawn to Celtic pantheons but there is no snow at Yule in East Alabama. That rankled me. I tried HooDoo since that is a Southern system but they seem to leave out seasons all together. I still had no personalized way to Turn the Wheel.

I really needed a practice based on where I was.  There is little point in studying yew trees for magickal corospondences when you've never seen one in real life and you're not entirely sure they grow in your area.

I gave up on trying to do things the "right" way. I found what works for me.  I don't need candles in every color. Actually,  I don't even need candles. I can do spells entirely in my mind.

My year starts on January 1. I do start preparing on October 31. I try to release things, bad habits, debts, expired paperwork, etc in order to accept the good coming to me. I believe opportunity is everywhere. The trick to see things as they really are.

I celebrate Groundhog Day, Easter, Beltaine, First Day of Summer, Lammas, Mabon, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Yule, and family birthdays. I hate Xmas. I think people go overboard with it. I don't like seeing snowmen before Halloween. I think it would be much more enjoyable if we decorated a week before, kept it low key, and focused on our families. I only buy presents for my children. I never ask for anything. My inlaws find this insulting so I always end up with a pile of cheap things. They are sure if I got the "right" kind of gift I will love Christmas. But they don't bother to get anything that matches my interests.

I try to keep my daily practice simple, too. I no longer drag out a ton of Witch paraphernalia. Most of my spells are hidden in household chores. I do a lot of cooking spells. I banish as I sweep. Some people think a separate space should be created for spell work. They think sacred space should be created because if there is no connection to Devine the spell will fail. They think cursing shouldn't be done in the house because it is the equivalent of leaving trash to rot.

I think the problem is already in the house because we cannot turn off our thoughts. We worry and fret. And really, there's nasty stuff in the house anyway that comes about through the business of living. So we empty trash, wash clothes, and wipe away dust. We bathe. I think there is no problem with cursing a threat to my family. I make sure I cleanse afterwards. If you are worried about doing the spell in your home then you probably aren't ready to do that kind of work.

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