Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I read over old posts this morning and realized this stressful situation has been going on for quite a while. I suppose the only thing left to do is stop talking about it. Though I will say I asked Dragons for help and a solution was presented immediately. It will take some time to do, but will have permanent effects.

I did some research. The museum has 6 artists selling wares in the gift shop. I'm still letting ideas simmer, but I feel encouraged.

I decided to list my cubes for sale in my Amazon shop. I have nothing to lose. If they don't sell I haven't lost anything.

I started a new tradition for birthdays. I made my daughter a star when she was a few months old. She picked out the yarn. This year, I hung the star on the front door for the entire month of August to celebrate her birthday. I thought this was a grand idea. I was very eager to make more stars. Until I realized the next birthday was in October and that's for the child who causes so many problems and I should be making this star NOW in order to be finished before October 1. And I thought about how he is never happy with anything. How no matter what we do it isn't enough, he wants more. I remembered a similar feeling when I made his fox. The entire time I sewed, I whispered hopes of improvement and wishes that he would get better. For a brief time, it seemed like things did improve. It didn't last long. I decided some calm was better than none.
With every single stitch, I say what would be best for him. His favorite color is green. I picked brown for stability.

Today I will put out more Halloween decorations. I think my hutch would be a lovely setting for the Halloween teddy bears. My daughter will adore them.

I haven't done anything else with glass cutting. I barely get to the studio. I feel like I'm in survival mode. I get the essentials done and nothing else. I'm actually relieved my annual Witches & Magick series starts soon. It gives me a break, I get to write more positive posts, and hopefully when the series ends I'll have art to show you.


fluffy said...

I wish I could help in some way, you looked so fed up in your previous post. I hope that Will is okay after his accident. Your star for your step son is really beautiful and I think that it is a lovely tradition to start. Hopefully you will get a little respite once it is completed. I know it is selfish, but I am really looking forward to your annual "witches and Magic" posts. Love Fluffy xx

FreeDragon said...

Hubby is fine. It was a minor bump, knocked the bumper loose, no damage to the other car, no injuries. Will was mortified that he wrecked my truck. He's already fixed the bumper. We still aren't sleeping well. The star is almost finished. I am working on the background now. Sister-in-law got all of her money back. We haven't told our son this because if we do he will either do this again or believe he shouldn't be punished. We're still going to make him cut grass. I've written all the September posts of Witches & Magick.