Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Monday, the Tuesday Edition

So the Labor Day weekend screwed up my week. I am certain it is Monday, until I remember that it isn't. All 3 day weekends do is make me feel far behind.
I am trying to work. I started on my fox. I have a dozen or so thoughts racing through my mind so I got my journal to sort things out. My husband took pictures of me while our daughter had her first ever pony ride. After seeing the pictures I decided I am unhappy with my weight. I ate less breakfast, now I am hungry. Oldest son is still being a lying ass. Something appears to be off with my stitches. Oh yeah, and we killed number 3:
It's the crystal ball I want to talk about. There are times, like now, when it seems I have too much going on. I start wishing I had a little extra help. Then I remember I am a Witch.
This is my most expensive tool. It's a rather small ball. A real crystal ball will NOT be cheap. However, every time I use it I'm glad I have it. I ordered this ball from Pyramid Collection. At first, I intended to use it for scrying, but I have found other uses. I don't scry much now because time seems to stand still. I don't feel completely anchored in the world. It's hard to stay in reality because most things seem not to matter. Being attuned to higher energies does not pay the bills. And it's depressing to see how much of life is trivial. But, oddly enough, the crystal ball amplifies thoughts. I can bring money to me. I can heal myself and others. I can speed up processes which is how I use the ball with sewing. I hold the ball over my work then I imagine my work completed. Sewing goes much faster with less problems. Here's how it looks :
That white band in the ball is my line of stitches. I usually open my heart chakra and send my energy through the ball then into my sewing project. I try to do this both before and after a sewing session. I don't use my ball every time I sew, just with very important projects or times when I feel stuck or stressed.

I debated writing this because I realize not everyone can afford a crystal ball. If you want a less expensive option, small crystals will also work. You could keep a small stone in your sewing box or wear one in a pouch around your neck. Or keep a crystal in your pocket. Jewelry works too. What is important is that you feel the item has power and you can direct the power into your work.

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Jeanne said...

I think the energy which is now impacting earth is making most 'sensitive' people feel 'off'. And for others, the energy is amplifying their worst traits. We need to stay focused and grounded. Crystals are a good way of doing this. You are so correct in using your crystal ball (a beautiful one too!) the way you do. The answers you seek to the issues of daily life will be given - but the answer won't be in a clear form, you will have to interpret.

And Yes, my life is filled to the brim at the moment as well. But I keep plugging along... ♥