Friday, September 8, 2017

Let's Read

Today I have a burning desire to read the cards.
I have 2 decks with the same name that are radically different. I picked up the deck on the left first and thought it was appropriate because we seem to be at the end of an era. Then I realized how depressing the deck is, so I grab the other one because I think we need magick. The first deck is reality and the second is how I chose to cope. Btw, it is helpful to read with two decks- providing they have the same kind of cards. These have the same amount and the same suits. The pictures are different. This means I can pull the same cards from the second deck to gain clarity if I don't understand a card from the first deck. Sometimes reading with 2 decks gives you a better view- things aren't as dire as you first thought.

I am doing the control panel spread. The first card was left in the box. I decided this is where I am now. My cards are as follows:
1. What is the focus? How do I maintain integrity?
8 of Leviathans reversed. This is a welder, I think he's repairing rather than creating but the reversal suggests he may be repairing something better off replaced.
2. What factors coordinate things? Where do I need to be authentic?
3 of Submersibles. This card has a dual nature because it shows above and below but the below seems like a large arena rather than inside the ship. To me this suggests not looking in the right area, ignoring problems, or refusing to take the correct action.
3. What brings harmony?  What needs to come into balance?
Navigator of Submersibles reversed. To me this relates to the previous card. It suggests taking a more personal approach to one's place in the system but the reversal suggests fear of acting.
4. What makes things work? What is the wisdom that guides me?
Lady of Submersibles reversed. In this card the lady is outside her ship, suggesting removing oneself from the problem but being reversed I don't think she can step back.
5. What is the main drive?  What can I practise or implement?
3 of engines. Well, I'm glad to see this card because 3's are almost always good and earth is my element. This card shows a racing car so it could indicate the outcome happens very quickly or that the changes do not last.

There is no major arcana. This is a reading about mundane life. Bad news, doesn't look good at all. Good news, no life altering events. It's a rough patch not a permanent problem.

I started reading the meanings of the cards. I was right on track with the 8 of Leviathans. 3 of Submersibles turned out to be a much happier card than I thought so perhaps I am not fully appreciating something. Oh dear. The Navigator of Submersibles is oldest son. I have been thinking all these cards are just about me.
I thought for sure the Lady was me but now I think she's my sister-in-law. I may be projecting my own feelings instead of seeing the situation as it is or I may be simply reacting because of our past instead of looking deeper. The last card now seems more about my dreams and goals. Perhaps I should stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on what I want. After all, I can't make anyone change.

Let's see what the other deck says. Are things bleak or have I allowed myself to be dragged down by petty annoyances?

This deck I always read upright because the back is one directional.

The first problem is my suits are not the same. I have no doubt some people are going to disagree with me. I have decided Leviathans relates to wands. The word itself means something earthy, perhaps a very large animal, and it is thought that it might be a hippo. That says water to me, but Submersibles is obviously the water suit. I think engines are earth. I decided Leviathans were air because you can never contain all the air. The sky is huge.

From first glance, the cards in the second deck match the meanings I read for the first cards (not my impressions), I really think my oldest son and sister-in-law are represented now. The Queen of Cups looks as if she's putting on a show. My sister-in-law does nearly everything purely for dramatic effect.

8 of Wands suggests something will happen quickly. I think oldest son is about to go to jail. My husband never did sign the warrant. He doesn't want to ruin his life. I think oldest son is about to get caught with the other things he's done.

3 of Cups is still a happy card, but this deck reminds us that all experiences, good and bad, led to this moment. I think it reveals a deeper understanding. There can't be only good or bad.

Page of Cups is oldest son. The card says he isn't out to do wrong, he simply wants love and acceptance but he is going about things all wrong. I know this. My husband knows this. But sadly that doesn't excuse his actions.

I now think the Queen of Cups is both me and my sister-in-law. I think we have similar goals but the methods are different. I take others into consideration and I try to see what effect my actions will have. She is only focused on what she wants and doesn't care what is lost as she goes after it. I don't always get what I want and she risks too much.

3 of Cups still suggests a goal. The card sounds very positive. I think I'm going to let some things play out, but I am going to ward against negative energy because I don't want to be victim of other people's drama. Now I think my husband is trying to patch oldest son's life, lots of things, good and bad, led us to this point, I can't change people but I can be wary of what they may do, and life goes on no matter what so I should be working on my goals instead of fretting over stuff that isn't my problem.


fluffy said...

I really enjoy your readings. I notice how many cups or water signs you have in this spread. I always associate them with emotion and there is a lot of emotion in this reading. I definitely think the navigator is your son and hope the situation somehow resolves itself as soon as possible. Take care of yourself, your other children and your husband as one family member can have an enormous effect on the dynamics of a whole family. Thinking of you x

FreeDragon said...

Yes, this is about how people feel, not how they think or act. Currently my husband is holding oldest son's clothing for ransom until tools come out of pawn.