Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Few Days Later

Using my crystal ball has helped me feel better though not everything I've asked for has manifested. That's fine, I feel better just for asking. At least I took action rather than worrying about what may happen.

I'm not worried about the hurricane...or hurricanes I should say since there are more brewing. Part of it is that it isn't raining here. And partly, this is truly awful, it's hard to take the media coverage seriously when states are left off the map or major cities are reported as being in the wrong state, and some people don't seem to realize the Gulf of Mexico is separate from the Atlantic Ocean. I just cannot take this reporting as news of a real threat. I can't. It loses the seriousness when I see errors in the headlines. I can't read the article then because I'm already looking for grammatical errors. I'm grading instead of making metal note to stock my pantry.

So here in the sunshine and cooler days, I am sewing. I've cleaned up the house trying to remove. ..well, I want to say remove the problems oldest son created. I don't want to say remove him. He removed himself by moving in with his uncle. But I am taking away everything that is his because if I leave it in the bedroom then the younger boys will tear it up. In way, I am removing the oldest son. This is sad, I wish I didn't have to do it, but he isn't admitting fault or accepting responsibility or trying to atone for anything.

Part of me is glad for the storms. I think they will sweep a few things clean. Part of me would rather deal with bad weather rather than have our president bringing the country to the brink of war. But mostly I think the country will experience a devastation we cannot recover from. I can't imagine anything good coming from this but I do think it is better than what we were headed for before.

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