Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The School Year Spell

I really hate the school my boys attend. I hate it so much I have decided my little daughter will never go there. Because of our county laws, our only other option is private school which is expensive. That's why I started trying to get money for my daughter now even though she is 2 weeks shy of her second birthday. I can't afford to put the boys in private school. I'm not sure about a home schooling option. The only person I know in Lee County who home schools was my cousin and my aunt was a Christian school administrator. I'm sure having an inside edge was the only reason they pulled it off. And for all I know my aunt may have falsified school records. At any rate, I know I do not have the patience to teach my children. So I frequently search for educational programs hoping I'll get lucky.

Meanwhile, we're stuck with a public school system that is utterly unhelpful. I battle with school officials every year. They are convinced one child is retarded. So his brother must be too. I argued with the school for an hour to take him out of special ed classes. He passed, but the school is "monitoring" his progress in case he can't keep up this year.

Besides the academic problems, we struggle with behavior issues. There is no set pattern. I can't tell when things are about to fall apart or why, nor can I know how long good times will last. Since I've done every thing I know to do, I've decided to use magick.

I need a spell item that can be recharged as needed. I chose a circle. I need a complete solution with no end.

I don't know what this is. I found it in an old toolbox and told my husband I was going to make art with it. There won't be any questions about why I made this or why it hangs in the dinning room.  The first thing I did was scrub it clean.

The second step was paint. I opted for gray thinking of wise, old people, the mists of magick and mystery, cloaking my intent to keep the school guessing, and finally because I would like to neutralize emotions. This would be so much easier to solve if anger was left out.

Step 3 was gluing rocks. I chose small green stones. I found these in my yard. Previous owner had a rock shop.

Now, we're to the part of the day when I get busy with cooking, so I will finish tomorrow.

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