Friday, August 18, 2017

Some Updates

Yesterday we killed a second rattle snake in the dog pen. It was a timber rattler just like the first one. I believe it was the mate. The first snake was pregnant and I think they were looking for a den. Or maybe not immediately disposing of the first snake drew the mate into the yard. After Z killed the snake, oldest son ran into the house screaming that he saw another one under my sewing shed. While we searched for it, our neighbor ran over it with his push mower. Then he was screaming and running.

Borris, dog who was bit, looks awful but is doing well. He can eat now, so I can bring him home this afternoon.

Both boys had perfect conduct scores. I didn't have to spank them or take away TV.

I made a point of sewing yesterday which wasn't easy because my toddler has learned how light switches work. I managed to send the email, too. Go me.

I have been planning meals. I own a copy of Cooking By Moonlight. I read this sometimes in an attempt to align ourselves with current energies so that we are balanced. It suddenly occurred to me that if I sorted out my recipes by intent/moon phase/season/etc. I wouldn't need to refer to the cookbook so much AND I would get a much longer menu to boot. I think I will blog about this during the month of November when so many people are getting anxiety over Thanksgiving.

Oldest son wants to join the Navy. I see this as him running away from his problems but I'm okay with it because Goddess help, I don't know what to do with him. If he does something stupid they'll put him in the brig and when he's completed his sentence he'll still have to finish boot camp or whatever the Navy calls it. I wouldn't have to worry about him for at least 9 weeks, longer if he lands in the brig. Which I have no doubt he will be there at least once.

Husband still hates his job. We were able to talk without argument. He is less tense.

I have to go now. I have several art projects demanding my attention as deadlines come rushing up.


fluffy said...

I am so sorry your life is crazy, mine is so quiet in comparison. I'm glad you get time to post because I would really miss reading your entries. Honestly, sometimes it really makes my day having a new post to read from you, I find you inspiring and funny and kind and I love reading about you, your family and your life as a kitchen witch.

Inciidently, I don't think that the navy sounds like a bad idea for oldest son, sometimes it can be the making of a person. Love fluffy

ps hope the dog is ok x

FreeDragon said...

Thank you. I'm glad somebody enjoys my adventures. I keep blogging because I find it extremely annoying when I find a blog I like then nothing is posted for months and months.

I think the Navy is getting the short end of the stick. 40+ years ago, my father-in-law shut down the entire nuclear program for 3 days because he found a different way to work the equation. When oldest son asked about enlisting, they recognized the name and asked if he was related. The Navy is thinking they are getting a good SEAL. I say he's their problem now.

Dog looks awful but is able to breathe and eat and see. He will live.