Friday, August 11, 2017

Sew, Sew, Sew

Things seem to be moving really fast in my life.  I haven't done much blogging because every spare moment I have goes to sewing.

This piece is called "And All the World Will Love You" I intended for it to be in an auction. Then the VP of my guild reminded me that I needed to turn in art. I thought at first she was gathering auction pieces early, then she told me to be at the cancer center at 2pm. I utterly forgot I signed up. I agreed to have art in a medical office. Our VP fought cancer several years ago and her biggest complaint was the ugly, bare walls. She coerced her artist friends into giving art and actually the art sells. Patients and their families fall in love with the art and there is such fast turnover that the cancer center now takes in large batches of paintings at regular intervals.

Since I was caught short, I donated my auction piece and promptly started a replacement:
This will be auctioned off to benefit the Youth Symphony Orchestra. It's called "Higher Than the Pine" I decided to do a few other pieces just in case I forgot something else. I keep saying I am going to build an inventory so I can open an online shop but work is leaving as fast as I can make it.

I started another page for my daily practice. I started writing around Lammas so I was writing about the holiday and gradually I realized I was only writing about holidays. I didn't say anything about day to day spell work. I realized I needed to start over. Possibly I need to create a 3rd page.

The daily work involves battling the school. I'm using my broom, my circle charm, and the geode. The first day of school went well for one child. The second day was a disaster. Last year the special education teacher told me we would meet a month into the school year to see how my son is doing in the regular classroom. I took this to mean AFTER the first month she would schedule a meeting. Instead, she scheduled the meeting for August 31. When she gave my son the letter she told him that he maybe back in her class. He came home and cried for an hour because he thought he had to go back to special ed. This is why I hate the school.

My daily practice also involves sewing. When working on "Higher Than the Pine "  I thought about the sky. I worked stitches of blue thinking about air, how we all need space, we need to breathe, to think. I made white stitches and thought of clouds which led to cloud 9. I stitch. I focus. I imagine situations playing out in my favor.  That's how Kitchen Witchery works- you turn the mundane into magick. While I start projects intending them to be a particular spell,  other things creep in. I don't see a problem with it. I believe we lend bits of ourselves to everything we do, everywhere we go. We cannot turn off our thoughts.  We can only change our perspective. Viewing something only in a negative light leads to being stuck. Finding the good helps us see how to move forward.

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