Tuesday, August 8, 2017

School Spell Part 3- Empowering

Sorry it has taken so long to write the final post. I don't even try to blog on the weekends. If you read something here on a Saturday, rest assured it was scheduled days before.

The first day of school was yesterday and Monday was also the full moon. Before I could start the spell,  my husband came home early due to a lack of work. And then we were full throttle trying to take care of the yard before the rain set in.

It's okay though,  the moon is still full today. And based on yesterday's behavior I already know which child will have the most problems. It's not the one I was worried about. Youngest son's anxiety worked him into an asthma attack then he refused to bring home forms I needed to sign. The child I was worried about actually had a great day, got a teacher he had before, and (in his own words) had the best day ever.

First thing I did was figure out where the spell would be kept. I chose the top side of the hutch so that it is near the calendar but out of my toddler's reach. I put a command hook in place. For the most part, I like command hooks but I have discovered they tend to fall during high humidity.

When I moved my circle out of the way, a stone fell off. Instead of trying to glue it back, I put the bird skull in the empty spot.

To empower, I first used my geode to clear away negative energy.  I slid the circle over a new 7 day candle.  I keep a 7 day candle on the dinning room table at all times. Normally I light it to promote peace and harmony.  I filled this one with the white light of knowledge and success. I lit the candle, traced an 8 point star over it, and imagined the star fitting together like puzzle pieces.

This is not a once and done spell. I will be working it again and again throughout the school year. I tried to keep things simple in case I need to add something later.

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