Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Thoughts

Today is both a new moon and a solar eclipse. If you have something you're really passionate about and you really want to make it work, today would be the day to get started.

I updated my pages. I added new photos of my art projects. I completely redid my daily practice page. Now both reflect current situations.

There are times when I don't feel like anything is going right. We had one of those times this weekend. Husband kicked oldest son out. I cannot fix this problem because he won't stop lying. Honestly, I had thought about kicking him out on more than one occasion long before now.

Probably I'll have to kick out second oldest son. As long as his current situation is tolerable he won't work on any of his goals. So he isn't enrolled in college or applying for better jobs or fixing his truck or saving money. If I don't push him things will stay exactly as they are for the rest of his life.

I almost forgot about the eclipse. From all the stupidity on social media, I was half expecting to see protesters and signs proclaiming the last days. But there wasn't any of that in town so I forgot until my science nerd father-in-law told me he made a camera obscura.

I'm going to use my husband's welding helmet to view the eclipse. Then I'm going to work some magick to solve our problems with sons. What are your plans?

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