Friday, July 7, 2017

Still Not in a Row

I haven't gotten to the library today because my babysitters made plans without politely giving me a heads up. So I wrote down what to do whenever I get there. I won't remember.

I'm starting to shift more comfortably into a daily practice. It's still not fixed, as in I'm not sure from day to day what I will be able to do, but I am doing more magick. This is more of shifting the old to fit the new.

I changed my cleaning schedule. I found FLYLady a few years ago  (Google her). I use her system as a basis. I have my house divided into zones, but only spend 1 day on each zone. This cleaning schedule became a spell schedule as well such as casting dream spells when I clean the bedroom. I made Thursday my catch up day. With so many people living in the house, I either can't focus on the zone because I have other problems to solve OR a new mess has developed where I just cleaned the day before. When I make the daily practice page all this information will be on it.

I like how my art page turned out  (other than being annoyed at the page lurking almost undetected at the bottom of the blog). I like updating projects and this helps to keep me focused. I don't want anyone to be disappointed if it seems that I'm not working. Sometimes social media is surprisingly helpful.

Now I need to get busy. I really want to show you a finished dragon.

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Jeanne said...

Patience. Things come in their own good time.