Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Reading the Cards

I haven't done a reading in a while. Let's see what the cards are telling me.
Using this deck because it seemed to be saying, pick me!

I shuffled the deck thinking, what do I most need to know?

I drew 3 cards off the top.
Card 1- Zombie. Card 2- Vampire. Card 3- Owl.
Zombie I've gotten before and I understand it. This is about mindlessly going about routine without actually living.

Vampire I've never drawn. On the card it says, emotional intelligence which I take to mean thinking about why I feel a certain way rather than just reacting. The book warns of psychic vampires, people who suck the energy out of you. I reconsider my feelings on this card.

Owl seems hopeful. I love owls. The book tells me I need more information before acting. I decide to wait a bit longer in case anything happens.

While shuffling the cards back into the deck, my attention is drawn to the Veil.
I think this is a beautiful card. As I read the meaning in the book, I am reminded that there is beauty is being myself. I am starting to think answers will be revealed to me if I make more effort with my daily practice. I've decided to set up another page for that subject.

Speaking of pages, I added to Dragon RAGE. I'm busy with art. Things have started moving at a faster pace, which is thrilling. School starts soon! I'm looking forward to it. Some other issues will either lessen or disappear on the first day of school.

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