Monday, July 10, 2017

Navigating Life

I hung my little duck from the rear view mirror. As I drive, I glance at it occasionally. I note which way he's facing. Sometimes I look at the duck, then check the compass on my key chain. I pay attention to my thoughts. My mind races with the worries of money and I see the duck turn towards the east. Maybe I should try something new. I begin thinking of new ways to earn money. I think of new budgets. The duck slowly turns forward. We are facing the same direction now. I feel calmer.

It's a simple magick, and very personal. Anyone could do it, but I think we would have different results. I don't think it would work exactly the same for you as it does for me.

This is what I think magick should be- a very personal practice that evolves as the Witch grows.

I like that it's in the open, yet no one will know what I am doing. I think that is the best way to cast spells. Or divine in my case.

Things are still stressful. I am slowly working through. I am currently reading a book about Chinese knots. The book mentions knots as being a way to add blessings to objects. Knots became so important that men carried tools to help untie them. I will explore this further so I can do a Stitch Witch post. Knots make very good spells but no one seems to utilize this form of magick very much.


Jeanne said...

I love knot magick! I look forward to any upcoming posts you may do on the subject. :o) I found that knot spells are some of the strongest magick. At least for me.
Magick should be incorporated into a person's daily life - visualizing a good day at school while brushing a child's hair, manifesting a happy, calm life while cleaning the house, or visualizing a surplus of money in the bank account while paying bills.
The thoughts or subject matter that a person dwells upon will be seen by The Universe as what that individual wants. So a person should be mindful of their thoughts. The phrase 'think happy thoughts' means way more than most people understand.

FreeDragon said...

I agree, what you think is definitely what you get! I have found just changing how I think of something helps. Instead of thinking about how tired I am after working overtime, I think about the extra money I will have.

Deb said...

My first spell I cast was knot magic, this was way back at the age of 13, over 40 years later its still a type of casting I like to use for personal spells, I get very good results most of the time.