Saturday, June 24, 2017

What I Want to Do Vs. What I Do

I think the best daily practice I ever had was when I lived in Tallapoosa County and my altar was in the living room. Every day, usually several times a day, I would stand in front of the altar and do magick. I touched my crystal to ground and center. I used a mirror to turn back negative energy. I burned candles.

Right now I only practice when I get a spare moment. I do make many of my chores spells. The good thing about turning the mundane into magick is you never run out of chances to work. Your whole life is magick. You are the Witch everyone aspires to be.

The bad thing is not remembering what spells I did. They are so brief and quick it is easy to loose track. I may not remember trying to resolve an issue. While quick spells work for many things, they don't work for everything. At times it can feel as though I am not advanced enough.

When I need to do more detailed work, I do journal rituals. I like them because they don't take as much time as one might think, and it gives an automatic record of what happened when. In a sense, journal rituals are very between the worlds as what occurs is not known until it is read, and then it happens again but only in the mind of the reader.

I think I need some of the physical acts again, to actually stand before an altar and touch my objects of power. I do have altars in this house but they are more like shrines and out of necessity in a house full of children, they aren't easily accessible.

I also need regular studio time. I do have a studio, but I don't get to use it for sewing,  only for storing supplies. My husband doesn't have a shop. His tools are stored in my shed. This is not working at all. We really need to get him his own space so that I can work undisturbed. Ideally, I would go to my studio, stand before the altar I set up, then start my art work. But it will be a long time before I can do that.

Currently, I am making notes on my tablet. I have a list of both long-term ideas and daily to do lists. Yes, I have to remind myself of what spells to do. I won't remember on my own.
This is my most recent change to my practice. I put a compass on my key ring. I wanted to see how the world is structured.  How many buildings or roads are aligned to cardinal points? This is also helpful in finding ley lines. Compasses tend to spin oddly when a ley line is crossed. This usually happens when ley lines cross or at a point where energy pools up. It is helpful to know where places of power are.  I haven't done enough observations to report anything interesting, but it is fun to search. Most people think I am just carrying my keys, or maybe I'm a little lost in thought. Nobody ever sees this as magick. I can start attracting attention if I stay in one place too long or if I start pacing. I can mark interesting places with the GPS on my phone. I suppose using modern devices for magick puts me in the techno pagan group but I don't think of it that way, I see myself as a Witch using the tools available to me in my time.


Jeanne said...

Be careful when accesing the energy of a 'ley line'. They are not all positive energy!

FreeDragon said...

This is true, I used to live in a house with one in the backyard and I had a problem with shadow people. I still think it's useful to know where the lines are. If I find a problem line, I'll at least know to avoid the area.