Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I gave up on cleaning the whole house. It wasn't working at all. Now I clean in bursts, as in I notice an area that needs attention so I focus on that one thing, usually starting with what I can throw away. I think this is forcing me to be more creative as I have repurposed quite a bit. A lot more clutter has left and doing small bursts seems to be more liberating than trying to clear the entire house.

In my eagerness to have a nice home, I swept off my shed roof. Pecan trees make narrow "flowers" that vaguely look like short, green worms. They crumble easily. When wet they sort of stink and they stain whatever they touch. These were covering my shed. I couldn't stand it. I had visions of the roof rotting. (Which probably wouldn't happen but I kept thinking it.) I swept the roof while my husband hovered near the ladder and warned me not to trip on my long skirt. My neighbor also thought I was crazy, mainly because the pecan tree produces 1,000's of ugly flowers every year. But it looks better now and I piled all the hated flowers on the burn pile so it was worth it.

I haven't been able to do magickal work with the fidget spinner. It is the end of the school year, one son was sick then made his stomach virus worse by eating what he wanted rather than sticking to the bland food I gave him. I finally got tired and let him have a serious case of porcelain-God worshipping. Now he knows why he can't eat sour cream and salsa the day after vomiting every other hour.

I am working on my art project for the guild. In order to actually get things done, my mother is watching my toddler every day this week. The first day I solved a major design problem without having to redo anything and that alone made it worth the guilt I feel for not tending my child. I am using my crystal ball. The work is flowing smoothly. I hold the ball over my work, positioning it so that I see a reflection of my
project. Then I visualized it as being complete. I have fewer problems/mistakes when I work this way.

I was worried about our upcoming trip to Virginia setting me way back schedule wise. I've never been able to sew in the car without getting car sick. Over the weekend I tried taking a motion sickness pill then sewing while my husband drove us to town. I didn't get sick. (Bouncing around in the car is a new problem which hinders even stitches.) Now at least I know I can work during the trip.

In my daily Witchcraft practice I have turned to geometry. I'm combining sigils and designs. This feels right to me. I think it adds beauty and complexity to my life. I don't mean complexity in a bad way, I mean it as layers of meaning. It fascinates me to think about how much my practice has changed over the years and how very differently my path evolved compared to other Witches I know.

And finally, I will be selling online again. This isn't something that will start soon as I intend to build inventory first. But I have picked a site, decided what to make, and I am now working on a marketing plan. My sister-in-law went in with some friends. She was rather smug because they asked her and not me. (Of course, I never told her I was asked to be a paid employee and I turned the job down because I thought it would keep me away from home too much.) My sister-in-law was making small crocheted toys. She was paid for each one she finished rather than waiting for the items to sell. She doesn't know how generous the offer was. The business has gone under because their accountant embezzled money and never paid any tax to the IRS. Sister-in-law is worried she will be audited because she didn't report that income. That's what happens when you're too smug.

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