Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Meditation Report

I did the meditation in my rocking chair which worked very well because I discovered the fidget spinner spins just from forward momentum. It spins equally well clockwise or counterclockwise. I decided to make spells focus in threes or with triple goddesses. I decided to use it in conjunction with my crystal ball to help boost power, at least at first. The spinner may take on its own energy after repeated use. And last, but not least, I noticed extra circles appear when it spins (this is light reflection). This could be useful for casting circles. I'll do some magick with the fidget spinner so I can tell you what works.

1 comment:

fluffy said...

Please do let me know how it works out as my son also has a fidget spinner which was given to him and I am sure he will be bored with it when the craze dies down. I find the spinning wheels to be almost hypnotic and could see them being used to alter a state of mind. Fluffy