Monday, May 1, 2017

A Spell Book of Sorts

I wanted to show you my coloring book. I am using coloring as a way to cast spells. This is not quick and easy. Well, it is simple. But it does take time to do.
The coloring book itself came from the dollar store. They normally don't have things like this, so I was very surprised to find it. That was a clue. Things that work well as magickal components are often found in unusual places.
This is the first page. I decided it would be a lovely protection spell. I colored for 2 weeks, whenever I had a spare moment. I would chant while coloring. When the page is finished I light a candle and say the chant again, then I use the design in a visualization. In this case, I imagined the dragon rising off the page and guarding the house.
This was a love spell. It worked but didn't last. I blame myself for not being clear. Of course, I really don't like to meddle with people's emotions.
This is the page I'm currently working on. It's a money spell.
This is the page after. I do one page at a time, and I do them in order, but I do like to look ahead to think about future spell work. I think this design would be great for building something. Protection comes to mind but this could work for a success spell like starting a business or earning a degree. I think it has a feminine structure so this could work for fertility, too. I will probably use it as a spell for successful child development for my daughter.

These can be reused. If you remember what the spell was and the chant used. Simply open the book to the design and repeat the chant while meditating. I suggest writing notes on the back or in the margins.

For designs you do not like, make them banishing spells. After coloring,  burn it.


fluffy said...

What a great idea that is why I love your blog, it makes me look outside the box and see things in a different way. I have a colouring book that is full of mandalas I will have another look through this I think. I am currently working on a spell to improve the street I live on, there are two children who are making life miserable for every one who lives on it. I will try and find a mandala to help in visualising a peaceful street. Love fluffy

FreeDragon said...

Thanks :) Good luck with your spell. You may want to ask for the parents to accept their responsibilities as problems with children are rarely about the children themselves.

fluffy said...

One child lives with their grandparents and is in the same class as my son, the grandmother has spoken of the child's issues, but does not want to deal with them. I have spoken to the other child's mother, but she became aggressive and defensive so I am just trying to visualise peace for everyone. It has worked so far today, so I will continue tomorrow. I know it is not the children's fault it is just hard when the responsible adult refuses to deal with the issue. X