Monday, April 17, 2017

Top to Bottom: Cleaning the Whole House Post 2

I didn't have a post ready to go yesterday but I did clean. It wasn't windows, I ended up cleaning the boys' closet. I solved a few mysteries. First, why don't they have more shorts? (Because they didn't get them all down.) Second, why isn't the youngest wearing his black jacket? (Because it's been wadded up on the floor, presumably for 3 months.) And third, where are all the clothes hangers? (Well, the boys just yank shirts off the hanger. Rarely do they place the empty hanger to the side. So when they put clothes away, they don't gather all of them from the closet. They only pick up about half. Then when they have more clean shirts than hangers they grab more hangers from the laundry room. Thus, no matter how many I bought we never had enough hangers.) After finding all the summer clothes, the jacket, and the lost clothes hangers, I packed away winter clothes. And I refolded the blankets. And I got out everything torn, ripped, too small, and the why-fuck-is-this-even-in-here's. Then I sat down and wished it was later so I could drink.

That's why cleaning the whole house is tough. Not only is it a lot of work, but you will be confronted over and over again with your family's lazy ways. If you're a mother you know next there was a lecture (which fell on deaf ears) and you realize all this came about because after I washed the sheets I put them away and that's when I saw the sad state of the closet and that's why I am now wondering if I can trust the boys with anything.

This is all rather depressing. I'm just going to move on to the windows.
This is my bathroom window. I'm starting here because it's on the end of the house. I like to work from one end to the other. I'm doing one window at a time. I start by taking down the curtain which goes into the washing machine. All the curtains are the same color because they came with the house. I considered making seasonal curtains but really I don't need another sewing project. My goal is to finish things, not to create more loose ends.

Once the curtain is down I dust blinds. I did this with a mini broom so that I can sweep the window frame after I clean the blinds. I should probably take the blinds down and scrub them but I am depressed enough. I would like for this to be a one day project not a two day project.

Next I wash the window. Mine fold in for easy cleaning. Easy is relative considering how much dirt accumulated on the glass. I sweep the screen, too.

Now is a good time to do spells. Since windows frame views, consider asking for clarity or perspective. You can hang suncatchers to bring light, hope, or happiness. Wind chimes can be enchanted for prosperity. Be sure to seal the window so negativity can't enter. If you lock it robbers can't get in either.

Windows are tough because you are usually forced to deal with whatever mess is in front of them. Windows shouldn't be blocked. If there's so much stuff in front of the window that you can't open it then you have a problem. Deal with it now. Ignoring the mess is what created more work.

Next post, tackling special areas.

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