Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Some Updates

Enchanting the trash can to trap negative energy worked so well that I did the same spell on the bathroom trash can. In case you are wondering how I did it, I simply told the trash can that it would hold negativity to keep that energy from harming me or my family. I visualized anything negative flowing through the house and into the trash. I sealed the trash can with an equal armed cross so that what goes in can't come out. Not only does the house feel better but we've had a reduction of "why did you throw it away?!"

A friend of ours was moving so he allowed us to look into his barn which housed antiques, various tools, and all the other junk a family collects in 50 years of homesteading. We brought home antique school desks. I saw one being used as a night stand in a decorating magazine. I thought it was a fine idea. I moved the desk into my bedroom yesterday. Last night I had some very bizarre dreams. Make sure you smudge. Not just the antiques. Smudge the entire house on a regular basis.

I saw a funny post about why is it always ghosts from the 1800's. Why isn't it the ghost of someone who died in 2007? Well, it could be. Going into old places we just expect a 150 year old ghost. We usually don't pay enough attention to realize what is lingering. Or in drastic cases we assume it is poltergeist activity which falls more under Astral being rather than the formerly living.

I have lots of ideas for this year's Witches & Magick series but I haven't had much time to sew, thus I don't have time to write my Stitch Witchery posts. But I will because even time consuming chores don't last forever.

I have been doing cooking spells almost every day. This is the best way to keep my family happy and healthy.

The pollen is so bad this year, I'm taking allergy pills every four hours or sooner. I still can't spend much time outside because even on Benedryl I sneeze. This is making it rather difficult to garden.

That's all for now. Until next time, dear readers.

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fluffy said...

I really hope you do have time for your witches post I always enjoy them. I have been sewing again myself lately and trying to incorporate magic into it. Sorry to hear about your hayfever. Love fluffy x