Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Small Sample of Art

This is a piece I made for a charity auction. It's made of my dad's old clothes. This is one of his shirts and the back is made of his pants. Those are his keys, rocks he saved, and a brass fitting, presumably from a job site. This gets shipped today.
I'm working on a dragon for the artist guild. This is a horn which I designed by tracing around a deer antler. Cutting these pieces out was really annoying.
Here is part of the dragon's face. Yes, he has mirrors for eyes. Now I have to get back to work because I am terrified I won't finish in time. I have many pieces done like the ball he will hold, the base he sits on, and some of the body, but there's still LOTS to do.


fluffy said...

I particularly like the dragon's face, it reminds me of a Chinese dragon and if my memory is correct the ball it holds has special sigmificance doesn't it?

FreeDragon said...

The ball is generally a pearl of wisdom. Mine is purple and it's made of 20 triangles because getting a perfect sphere in plastic canvas is somewhat difficult.